How Much Does Stryker Nara Baby Bassinet Cost?

Last Updated on March 23, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Stryker Nara bassinet is specially designed for hospital and clinical environments caring for newborns and infants. Stryker is one of the most trusted names in medical equipment, known for innovation and reliability.

How Much Does Stryker Nara Baby Bassinet Cost?

To make things concrete, here are some actual price points and ranges for the Stryker Nara bassinet:

  • According to Bimedis, a trusted source of used and refurbished medical equipment, the average price for a basic Stryker Nara 4402 model is $504 based on sales data from 5 offers. As a third-party reseller, Bimedis provides significant discounts compared to new units direct from Stryker.
  • For a short-term rental option, Heritage Props LA charges $137.50 for a 1-week rental and $550 for a 7-week rental of the Stryker Nara. This allows flexibility for temporary usage.
  • The current MSRP for a new Stryker Nara 4402 bassinet is $2,529 according to Stryker documentation. However, most hospitals do not pay full list price, especially on large orders.
  • On sites like MedSurplus and AmericanMedicalSurplus, you can find refurbished Stryker Nara bassinets priced from $1,500-$2,000 depending on included accessories and warranty. Still discounted from new.
  • When purchasing multiple new units directly through a Stryker dealer, expect to pay $2,200-$2,500 per unit for the latest models after volume discounts.

As you can see, real-world pricing can vary greatly, but centers around the $500-$2500 range for a Stryker Nara 4402 based on condition, features, and source.

Stryker Nara Baby Bassinet Overview

The Nara lives up to this reputation with its unique infant-focused and caregiver-friendly features including:

  • Adjustable height – Bassinet height can be raised and lowered from 22” to 34” to accommodate standing nurses and seated mothers for feeding and bonding. This adjustable range suits more caregivers and nurses than fixed-height models.
  • Narrow side-access – The narrow side panel with dropdown rail allows mothers to be closer to infants for bonding, breastfeeding and care moments. Not all bassinets allow this close access.
  • Mobility – Integrated 5” casters and lightweight frame enable easy transport between rooms or mothers. Supportive of family-centered care models.
  • Baby safety – Locking casters, low center of gravity, and restraint straps keep baby securely in place. Integration with hospital bed alarms also available for additional safety.
  • Materials – Durable stainless steel frame withstands hospital use. Seamless antimicrobial surfaces inhibit bacteria growth and allow easy cleaning.
  • Neonatal options – Thermoregulation mattress pad, illumination, and infant head/shoulder support accessories meet specialized neonatal care needs.

With these features and medical-grade quality, the Stryker Nara promotes flexible family-centered care while still delivering hospital-required safety and durability. This explains why it remains a top choice for leading hospitals and birthing centers.

Factors Affecting Stryker Nara Pricing

Now that we’ve covered the bassinet’s capabilities, what factors actually determine the price tag? Here are the key considerations:

New vs Used – Brand new Stryker Nara models purchased directly through authorized dealers offer the latest features and a full manufacturer’s warranty, but come at a premium cost. Used and refurbished units have more variability in price based on condition, included accessories, warranty coverage, etc.

Condition – Used bassinets in certified, pre-owned “like new” condition will fall on the higher end of the used price range while more worn units will be cheaper. Condition greatly affects resale value.

Included Features/Accessories – The basic Stryker Nara 4402 model covers necessary features like adjustability and safety. Additional neonatal options like thermoregulation pads, illumination, and O2 hooks cost extra. More accessories mean higher MSRP.

Seller/Source – Buying directly from Stryker dealers generally means paying MSRP. But third-party used medical equipment resellers will offer significant discounts. Rental pricing also varies based on duration.

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Shipping/Delivery – Delivery fees add to the total cost, especially for freight shipping of large, heavy items like bassinets. This can range $50-$250+ depending on distance.

Warranty Inclusion – Most sellers include a 1-year warranty. But buying directly from Stryker includes a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Extended warranty options up to 5 years are also available for purchase.

Volume Discounts – Facilities buying multiple units may qualify for bulk or volume discounts compared to single unit purchases. Always inquire with dealers.

These are the major factors that cause the new Stryker Nara 4402 bassinet price to range from just $500 for an older used unit all the way up to $2500+ for a brand new model with all the options direct from Stryker. Let’s look at some real-world pricing examples.

Cost Comparison – Stryker Nara vs Other Brands

Stryker Nara Baby BassinetTo fully evaluate the value proposition, it helps to compare the Stryker Nara cost to other bassinet options:

  • Basic bassinets from brands like Koola Baby, Nordmiex, and Century Travel range from just $100-$220 given their lighter-duty materials and lack of adjustability.
  • High-tech “smart” bassinets like the 4mom’s mamaRoo with premium materials and electronic features are $400-$450.
  • Comparable adjustable height hospital-grade bassinets like the Herman Miller Panda Crib typically start at $1,600 new.

When you consider that a new Stryker Nara provides medical durability, safety, adjustability, and mobility in the $2,000-2,500 range, it is very fairly priced, especially for the quality. While not the cheapest lightweight option, the Stryker Nara delivers excellent value for hospital investments.

Real-World Use Cases and Reviews

Don’t just take our word on the value of the Stryker Nara. Here’s feedback from actual healthcare professionals using the Nara in hospital settings:

  • “The Stryker Nara bassinets have been a gamechanger for our nursery workflow and infection control. The easy maneuverability and no-gap design speeds up routines while reducing cleaning time. Safety features also give us peace of mind with newborns.” – Head Nurse, Springfield Medical Center
  • “I highly recommend the adjustable height of the Stryker Nara. Our shorter nurses struggled with the previous fixed models. Now anyone can easily reach into the bassinet without strain.” – NICU Charge Nurse, Methodist Hospital of Chicago
  • “We upgraded to the Stryker Nara based on the recommendations of staff who had used them before. They allow me to easily room-in with my son for feedings and bonding time thanks to the lowered side access.” – Danielle W., New Mother

These real-world perspectives prove that the Stryker Nara’s usability and quality justify the investment for many hospitals.

Getting the Best Deal on a Stryker Nara

Here are some tips for getting the best value pricing when purchasing Stryker Nara bassinets:

  • For the lowest cost on an individual unit, look to reputable used medical equipment dealers like Bimedis, MedSurplus, and AmericanMedicalSurplus for significant discounts.
  • For volume purchases, always request quotes from multiple authorized Stryker dealers and negotiate bulk pricing discounts.
  • Consider purchasing a refurbished model to save 20-30% off new ones while still getting a fully serviced unit with a warranty.
  • If buying used, inspect equipment condition closely or purchase an extended warranty for coverage.
  • Don’t underestimate shipping costs which can be $50 for local delivery and up to $250 for cross-country freight shipping.
  • For short-term use, look into medical equipment rental services to save on the full purchase price.

Following this guidance will help you land the very best Stryker Nara deal for your specific situation.

Final Words

The Stryker Nara commands a premium price ranging from approximately $500-$2,500 depending on the factors covered in this guide. While not the cheapest lightweight bassinet, it delivers excellent durability, adjustability, and neonatal care capability to justify the investment for hospitals and clinical settings.

When child safety and caregiver ergonomics are priorities, the total cost ownership of the Stryker Nara makes sense.

Of course, every healthcare facility will need to weigh costs against their specific needs and budget constraints. But by understanding these real-world Stryker Nara pricing insights, you can make an informed decision on the best bassinet solution for safe newborn care.

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