Stryker Nara Baby Bassinet Cost

Stryker Nara Baby Bassinet Cost

The Stryker Nara bassinet for newborns is of excellent quality, modern design, high reliability, and safety. For these reasons, it is very popular with new parents and their babies. This brand of baby carriage is commonly used in the United States hospitals as well.

This product has received a large number of awards and was appreciated by both doctors and patients. Mothers can spend more time with their newborn babies with the help of this bassinet.

How much does a Stryker Nara baby bassinet cost?

The purchase of this product is usually made by hospital authorities, so the cost is highly influenced by the quantity. The cost of one Stryker Nara bassinet would be anywhere between $65 and $140. But the price will drop significantly if more than ten items are bought.

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The manufacturer’s business strategy is wholesaling, but individuals can find such a bassinet on Amazon or other similar online platforms. In general, people need this product for personal use and this is why the price on the market is pretty ambiguous.

Moreover, the Stryker Nara bassinet has many features that attract more buyers than other similar companies do. Also, the outlook and design of this product help both mothers and nurses to take care of their babies easier.

Price comparison of Stryker Nara with similar products

It is normal to have alternative options on the market as the world is moving so fast. Buyers can get the best products at a reasonable price due to the competition among the manufacturing companies.

You can find many different bassinets for newborn babies on the market, each of these with its own advantages and disadvantages. In the table below you will find the average prices of some of the most popular brands of bassinets.

Brand name Price of bassinet
KOOLA BABY $200 to $220
Nordmiex $160 to $175
Century Travel $110 to $125
Baby Delight $200 to $220
4moms $400 to $450

The price estimates presented above are available only for one bassinet. As you can see, the costs charged by Baby Delight and 4moms are higher than those charged by Stryker Nara, and this is because these two brands use high technology such as the possibility of setting automatic functions.

Though, the features and size of the Stryker Nara bassinet are more convenient than the characteristics of the mentioned items. Users can take advantage of some extra features that may be more helpful.

Characteristics of Stryker Nara bassinet

To make it easier for you to make a decision regarding what bassinet to buy for your newborn, in the table below you will find the main features of the Stryker Nara bassinet.

Model Number of this product
  • 4402-000-001 for the USA
  • 4402-000-002 for the rest of the world
Base length 84 cm
Overall length 108 cm
Floor to cradle height 75 cm to 100 cm
Base width 53 cm
Basket size 26.5″ x 12.5″ x 7.5″

As you can see in this table, the size of the Stryker Nara bassinet is not that big so it can be easily handled and you will not feel tired after a long day with your baby.

Moreover, the manufacturer company offers a one-year warranty for the part, travel, and labor.

The key features of Stryker Nara bassinet

Stryker Nara Baby BassinetThe Stryker Nara bassinet was specially designed to reduce the distance between the newborn baby and his mother. The design and style of this bassinet show nothing else but closeness. Below we are going to present the key features of this product so you can better understand the cost factors and compare it with other similar bassinets on the market.


You can easily increase or decrease the height of this product as it is adjustable. Mothers and nurses can adjust the height according to the size of the bed. Obviously, this will help mums to take care of their babies without too much worry.


The shape of this product is narrow which increases the closeness with the mother. Moreover, the death rate of newborn babies has fallen significantly after introducing this product in hospitals because it was easier for doctors to recognize the sudden death syndrome.

Being that close to their babies, mothers can observe any type of health problems that their baby may have a lot quicker.

Wheel Locks

The safety of the newborn child can be increased thanks to the lock of the wheels. Also, this makes the short travel more comfortable for babies.


Also, the drawers are narrow and can be used from any side of the bassinet.

User experience of Stryker Nara bassinet

Both mothers and hospital workers feel great looking after babies with the help of a Baby Nara bassinet. In general, Baby Nara bassinets are designed for babies from 0 days to 1 month old.

Even though you can find other similar products on the market, none of them will be able to offer the same service to the users. All the characteristics and design of this bassinet help both nurses and mothers to properly take care of newborn babies.

The overall experience of Stryker Nara bassinet users is a good one and they consider that only a few products may offer the same benefits.


Stryker Nara is well-known for producing bassinets for hospitals in the United States of America and other countries. The price of this bassinet would be anywhere between $65 and $140, depending on how many items are bought. You can use this product at home as well. It will help you to better take care of your newborn baby.

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