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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that newborns sleep in the same room (but not in the same bed) with their parents for at least the first 6 months of life and, ideally, in the first year. It is important that the crib is secure and has a firm mattress. When choosing a crib, you should pay attention to the small details, for the safety and comfort of the little one during sleep.

How Much Does a Baby Crib Cost?

Baby crib cost depends on many factors including the type of crib, the material it is made of, the brand, the place you buy it from, the design, and if there are any additional features like the ability to convert it to a bed or if it has a drawer. Often, you have to pay more if you want a customized crib. However, the average price of a baby crib will be anywhere between $170 and $900.

The price of a basic convertible baby crib, that is easy to convert to a twin-size headboard and frame, starts at $220 and goes up to $450. For instance, you will pay around $290 for the DaVinci Kalani Convertible Crib.

Expect to pay up to $1,300 for a specialty crib like the Europa Baby Palisades.

Depending on how you want your baby’s crib to be, you may spend up to $2,200, according to

In the table below you will find the average cost for different brands of baby cribs.


Brand/Store Price Range
Babyletto Cribs $300 to $800
Babies R Us Crib Sets $200 to $600
Ikea Cribs $150 to $350
Burlington Coat Factory Baby Cribs $230 to $500
Target Baby Cribs $350 to $750
Kmart Baby Cribs $150 to $700
Westwood Cribs $200 to $700
Walmart Crib Sets $150 to $500

Types of cribs

Classic baby crib

Such a crib is sturdy, safe, and comfortable, a traditional crib, comfortable for the baby. Some standard beds may come with a hinged side to help lift the baby. A classic crib could be a good option if you are considering having several children in a few years.

Convertible crib

Such a crib can be used in several stages of development. It can be transformed from a crib to a bed for an older child, and even in an office, mini-bench, etc. They are more expensive, but if we make an estimated calculation, we may come to the conclusion that it is more convenient to buy such a crib, especially if it is a solid one.

Folding crib

If you have a smaller space or are often traveling with the baby a folding crib is a space-saving alternative.

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Traveling crib

The traveling crib is very useful during the holidays or on a visit to grandma and grandpa, providing a much-needed sense of security for babies. It is practical, easy to transport and pack, reaching small sizes. Some travel beds include a folding mattress and carrying bag.

Rocking crib

Some cribs include a baby swing system. However, this function used only in the first months of life, may not justify the price difference for some parents. Especially mothers who have given birth by cesarean section or parents having back problems may find this feature useful.

Crib with canopy

In principle, any crib can be adjusted with canopy support, but there are also cribs on the market that have a canopy included. The canopy protects the child from sunlight and insects, providing peaceful and comfortable sleep. It also has a pronounced aesthetic role.

Co-sleeper crib

More and more families are opting for sleeping with their baby, at least in the first months of life. The co-sleeper cribs are attached to the double bed and provide the baby with his own private space, but at the same time, he is close to the mother. It is very useful especially if the baby is breastfed because the mother can easily take it from its crib and put it to the breast.

Baby crib details

Usually, the material the cribs are made of can be either wood, plastic, fabric-type, or metal.

Some of the most popular finishes are white, cherry, gray, espresso, natural, black, or dark.

The standard size of a crib is 52 by 27.8 inches, but they come in different sizes.

When buying a crib you should make sure it includes an adjustable mattress height and an adjustable side rail.

Also, there should be a guide with assembly and usage instructions included in the package.

The warranty period offered by most name-brand crib companies is up to ten years.

Good to know

Small CribSize is an essential factor in choosing a crib, so choose a bed that is appropriate for the space and size of the room.

If you plan to move your baby’s crib from room to room or take it to grandparents often, for example, portability is important. A portable crib is lightweight and easy to fold.

The safety measures that you must take when choosing cots are that, first of all, the distance between the bars should not be more than 2 inches so that the little one does not stick his hands, feet, or head in these spaces. When lowering one of the sides, it should not be less than 4 inches from the level of the mattress.

Check all bolts and the screw nuts regularly and tighten them.

Make sure there are no rough, broken edges where the child may scratch.

The crib must be empty with no plush toys, blankets, pillows, etc. These can increase the risk of suffocation.

Do not place a crib near the window or curtains. The child may get up or pull on the curtains and drapes.

Do not hang toys with strings to reach the child – danger of strangulation.

It is important that the mattress is firm. Test the mattress by pressing firmly on the center and on all sides. Soft mattresses may play a role in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

There is no set age for moving a child to a normal bed, but most children tend to be ready for transition at 2-3 years of age.

What are the extra costs?

You will need a new mattress for your baby’s crib and one that meets the standards of the CPSC costs anywhere between $60 and $220.

Besides the mattress, you will have to purchase a mattress pad and one costs around $15 to $25.

Expect to pay $60 to $210 for a bed set that includes a blanket, a sheet, a comforter, and bumper pads.

Older toddlers will need a crib tent to ensure they don’t flip out of the crib when they get older. You should budget $40 to $90 for a crib tent.

As the majority of the cribs have to be assembled it is best to have this job done by a professional and it may cost you $110 to $210.

Even though optional, more and more parents choose to buy a teething rail that can be installed on the crib’s rail.

Top brands to take into consideration

  • Sorelle
  • Delta
  • Graco
  • Storkcraft
  • Davinci

How can I save money?

You can find a used, but nice crib at a low cost on websites like Craig’s List or eBay. Though, it is recommended to purchase a new mattress and a mattress pad. Also, for the baby’s safety pay attention to the stability of the crib when buying a used one.

When buying from a retailer check online for coupons. Usually, retailers like Babies R Us offer a discount of 20% per item.

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