Tamko Shingles Price – What Should You Expect?

Last Updated on March 3, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Installing a new roof is a major investment that can pay dividends in enhanced curb appeal, energy efficiency, and weather protection for your most valuable asset – your home.

With so many roofing options on the market, choosing the ideal shingles for your budget and needs requires careful research. Tamko shingles stand out as a popular asphalt shingle brand known for durability, weather resistance, and a wide variety of design options.

If you’re considering Tamko shingles for your upcoming roof replacement or new construction project, having a clear understanding of the factors that influence Tamko shingle pricing is essential for making an informed decision.

This in-depth guide will provide an overview of Tamko’s extensive shingle product lines along with detailed average cost ranges. We’ll examine variables that impact pricing and offer insider tips for finding the best value on premium Tamko shingles to suit your budget.

Tamko Shingles Prices

Tamko offers good value across their product range:

  • Heritage Architectural Shingles usually range from $90-110 per square (100 sq ft). The most premium XT line can reach $130 per square.
  • Heritage Laminated Shingles average $70-90 per square. Elite Glass-Seal runs $80-100 per square.
  • Classic Three-Tab Shingles cost $55-75 per square on average.
  • Slate and Shake Shingles are a premium product priced from $200-500 per square.

Roofing4Us offers TAMKO Heritage Premium Laminated Asphalt Shingles in various colors, with a price of $98.40 per square foot.

The Home Depot also sells TAMKO Heritage Rustic Black Architectural Shingles, with an average of 32.8 square feet per bundle, priced at $193.48.

Types of Tamko Shingles

Heritage Series Architectural Shingles – Tamko’s premium dimensional shingles feature a multi-layer design with staggered cutouts and shadow lines that create visual depth and texture. The Heritage series includes popular choices like Heritage Vintage, Heritage Woodgate and Heritage Premium shingles along with new additions like Heritage Premium XT shingles with extended warranty coverage.

Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles – Made with a fiberglass base and two asphalt shingle layers laminated together for added durability and dimension. Options include Elite Glass-Seal shingles, Teton laminated shingles, and Evergrain Encore laminated designs.

Classic Asphalt Three-Tab Shingles – Tamko’s budget-friendly single-layer fiberglass reinforced asphalt shingle options provide a traditional three-tab aesthetic. Bestselling choices include Tamko’s Rustic Black and Rustic Brown three-tab shingles.

Natural Slate and Shake Shingles – For a natural rustic look, Tamko offers decorative slate and shake style shingles in options like Rustic Slate and Rustic Shake. These are more expensive than asphalt but provide a classic, timeless look.

For comparison, competitor asphalt architectural shingles average $90-140 per square, laminated shingles $70-100 per square, and standard three-tab models $50-80 per square. Natural slate or shake shingles run $200-600 per square.

Tamko Shingle Costs vs. Other Brands

Tamko’s Heritage architectural shingle lines compete closely with top brands like GAF Timberline HDZ, Owens Corning Duration, and CertainTeed Landmark PRO in terms of aesthetic appeal, warranty coverage, and average per-square pricing. Tamko’s laminated shingle options also align well with competitors on durability, warranty terms, and cost.

For homeowners seeking good value, Tamko’s classic three-tab shingle line is very competitively priced, while still offering decent bulk purchase discounts. Tamko’s new Heritage Premium XT provides extended 50-year warranty protection that matches up well with CertainTeed’s max warranty duration.

Factors That Influence Tamko Shingle Costs

Several important factors affect the total cost of purchasing and installing Tamko shingles for your particular home’s roof:

Shingle Quality and Materials

Premium architectural shingles like Tamko’s Heritage series utilize heavier grade materials and involve extra manufacturing steps to create multi-layer, dimensional designs. More raw materials, production, and transportation costs are built into the per-square shingle pricing.

Basic three-tab shingles require fewer material inputs and simpler manufacturing, lowering costs. Skilled labor and monitoring ensure quality for all Tamko roofing products.

Roof Size and Layout Complexity

Larger roof sizes mean more materials, time, and labor involved. Intricate rooflines with many angles, transitions, and specialty cuts will drive up the installation costs and complexity, impacting overall project pricing. Easier access and simpler roof shapes can save on labor hours and equipment needs, which helps control costs.

Climate Conditions and Weather Resistance Requirements

In severe climate locations prone to ice, heavy snow, or high wind, enhanced shingle wind and impact resistance ratings boost durability but also increase Tamko shingle costs slightly. Meeting higher fire resistance codes also impacts pricing.

Basic three-tab shingles may not provide optimal weather protection in harsh climates, making laminated or architectural models a better investment despite higher costs. Getting the right shingle construction for your climate protects your home in the long run.

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Color and Design Variety

Tamko offers one of the market’s widest color palettes and a variety of architectural shingle designs. Unique or multi-tone color patterns cost a bit more than basic black or brown shingles due to production factors. Going with a signature style and color scheme adds curb appeal and resale value that can offset slightly higher decorative shingle pricing.

Contractor Installation Fees

In addition to the shingle product cost itself, professional installation is a major factor in overall roofing project pricing. More complex roofs take more time and labor, driving contractor costs higher. Get multiple installation bids and ask about ways to optimize the roofing job to control labor and equipment fees.

Accessories, Permits, and Disposal

All new roofs require underlayment, flashing, vents, gutters, and proper disposal of old roofing materials. Permits and inspections also add expenses. Account for these project essentials in your total Tamko shingle roof budget.

Geographical Region

Contractor and material costs reflect local labor rates and transportation fees which can cause pricing variations by region. Comparing quotes from multiple local roofing contractors helps find the best value.

By understanding what goes into pricing, you can make an informed budgeting decision on Tamko shingles tailored for your roof.

Tamko Architectural Shingles vs Other Major Brands

Architectural Shingle Brand Comparison Overview

How do Tamko Heritage architectural shingles stack up against the major competing brands in terms of features, warranties, and cost?

  • GAF Timberline HDZ – Popular for color options and warranty, tends to run 10-15% more than comparable Tamko shingles.
  • CertainTeed Landmark PRO – Offers max warranty duration, competitive on cost with Tamko.
  • Owens Corning Duration – Leading brand noted for impact resistance, also costs about 10% more than Tamko.
  • IKO Cambridge – Affordable architectural option, good value but shorter warranty period.
  • Malarkey Vista – Competitive with Tamko on cost and quality for regional brands.

The bottom line: Tamko Heritage architectural shingles provide comparable quality and protection to these top national brands at average per square costs 10-15% less, representing excellent overall value for homeowners.

Why Tamko Stands Out on Price

Tamko is able to offer very competitively priced architectural shingles by:

  • Producing quality shingles while controlling manufacturing costs
  • Focusing on roofing products vs. a wide product portfolio
  • Supplying independent distributors vs. operating retail stores
  • Providing wholesale discounts for large orders
  • Limiting licensing fees and marketing costs

In essence, Tamko concentrates investment on delivering high-performing shingles rather than flashy branding – and passes the savings on to its customers.

Tamko Warranty Benefits

An excellent warranty provides peace of mind on your roofing investment. Here’s how Tamko’s warranties measure up:

  • Heritage Premium XT: 50-year limited; 15-year full replacement
  • Heritage Vintage, Woodgate: 40-year limited; 10-year full replacement
  • Elite Glass-Seal: 30-year limited; 10-year full replacement

These cover workmanship and manufacturing defects under normal conditions. Tamko also offers wind and algae resistance coverage for 10-15 years depending on the shingle line. Overall, Tamko provides warranty protection on par with national competitors.

Getting the Best Deal on Tamko Shingles

Tamko Shingles on HouseYou want quality roofing that enhances your home’s comfort and curb appeal without breaking the bank. What’s the best way to balance quality and affordability when buying Tamko shingles?

Shopping Multiple Suppliers – Get quotes from several building material providers to compare pricing on Tamko shingles. Local roofing supply outlets may offer discounts, especially for bulk purchases. Shopping around ensures you get the best deal.

Buying in Bulk for Lower Prices – Because roofing jobs require large quantities of shingles, you can realize significant per-unit savings by buying full pallet bulk purchases. Ask suppliers about price breaks on Tamko bulk orders.

Checking for Coupons, Rebates, and Sales – Watch for periodic Tamko promotions offering manufacturer coupons or rebates to save on top-line shingles like Heritage Premium XT. Building suppliers also run sales on Tamko products at times. Leverage these opportunities to increase your savings.

Considering Long-Term Value Over Lowest Upfront Price – Resist the urge to choose the absolute cheapest shingles, which are often lower quality. Spending a little more upfront on durable, warranty-backed Tamko shingles that protect your home for decades and increase resale value is smart budgeting.

Comparing Total Project Cost Estimates – Look at total roofing project cost estimates from contractors rather than just shingle prices. Once you factor in the full roofing job – tear-off, materials, labor, disposal, accessories – minor per square shingle savings diminish in importance. Focus on the complete budget picture.

Final Words

With such a wide selection of shingle styles, colors, warranties, and pricing options, Tamko offers quality choices for every home and budget. Their manufactured-value approach provides durability and protection that competes with top national brands while maintaining very affordable overall project pricing.

By calculating total roofing costs, leveraging purchase deals and promotions, and getting professional guidance, you can invest in premium Tamko shingles to enhance your home’s comfort and value for decades to come.

For quotes on Tamko shingles tailored to your specific roof needs and budget, consult roofing contractors who are Tamko Certified Installers. Compare Tamko architectural and laminated shingle models along with warranty terms as you weigh options. Make an informed choice to find your ideal Tamko shingle value!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tamko shingles any good?

Yes, Tamko makes quality asphalt roofing shingles that perform very well overall according to roofing contractors, building inspectors, and the majority of homeowners who use them. In particular, Tamko’s premium

Heritage Series architectural shingles compete directly with top national brands in terms of durability, wind/impact ratings, and longevity while costing 10-15% less on average. Their laminated shingles also receive high marks for weather protection.

Both independent materials testing and homeowner reviews confirm Tamko manufactures good roofing shingles that hold up over time.

Are Tamko shingles better than GAF?

Roofing experts consider Tamko and GAF asphalt shingles comparable in quality, durability, and coverage under their respective warranties. Both meet key industry testing standards for fire/wind resistance.

GAF shingles do cost more, averaging about 15% higher than Tamko shingles with similar features and materials. For many homeowners, choosing Tamko’s affordably priced, attractive architectural shingles over GAF’s more costly models represents better overall value without sacrificing weather protection or peace of mind.

However, some homeowners are drawn to GAF based on brand familiarity, wide color selection, and marketing. Compare specs, warranties, reviews, and installed costs to pick the brand that best balances your priorities.

How many bundles of Tamko Heritage shingles per square?

For Tamko’s popular Heritage Series architectural shingles, you will typically need 3 bundles per square (100 sq ft) of roof area to achieve full coverage and proper weather sealing. This allows the required overlap between rows of shingles. Bundles cover 32-36 sq ft for architectural models.

Always follow the manufacturer’s coverage guidelines specific to your chosen Tamko shingle type, based on bundle count and sq ft coverage per bundle. Proper shingle calculations are crucial to buying adequate materials without overspending.

A professional roofer can confirm the exact number of shingle bundles your particular roof size and layout requires. Don’t skimp on materials – proper shingle coverage protects your home.

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