The Cost of French Fries

French Fries Cost

The most common food in America is the french fry. They are sometimes called chips. The long, thin pieces of potato are deep-fried until crispy on the outside and soft to your bite from being boiled whole for a few minutes before frying. Fries can be ordered off any menu at almost any restaurant and also come in different varieties and with different toppings.

In addition to the traditional french fry, there are many other styles of fries. Waffle fries have a waffle shape and larger size; steak fries come in wide but not very thick cuts; sweet potato fries are made from sweet potatoes and shoestring fries will be cut very thin, giving them a shoestring look.

French fries are a delicious addition to any meal. Some restaurants offer their own special seasoning recipe while others may simply season with salt, or there are some french fries that still have the peel of potato on them. The variety is one of the things that make french fries very desirable.

How much do french fries cost?

Fast Food French FriesUsually, French fries at most fast food places or restaurants will cost somewhere from $1 to $4. For instance, French fries bought from fast-food chains, such as Burger King or McDonald’s should cost around $1 to $3. This price is dependent on factors like the geographical location or the size of the package.

Much like fast-food chains, most grocery stores carry their own type of fast food. Frozen french fries at grocery stores come in a variety of brands and at varying price points depending on what brand you buy, usually ranging from $2 to $5 per bag. For example, Walmart sells Ore-Ida for less than $2 per bag (32 ounces).

The cost of a 30-pound bag of potatoes can range anywhere from $20 to $25, with the average close to about $0.75 per pound. For instance, at Sam’s Club, they sell their straight-cut fries for around $20 per 30-pound bag, and depending on your location it may even be cheaper.

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Further details on French fries

Most fast-food chains, often sell their fries in small to extra large bags or cups. Frozen French fries can come sealed in pouches. Packed fries can come in varying weights, from 48 ounces down to 16 ounces. If you buy them in bulk instead of individual packets, then they will be packaged into boxes that are sealed.

Aside from the regular French fries we all know about, there are many other varieties, like the curly, crinkle-cut, chili, cheese, carne asada, oven-made, wedges, poutine, steak and shoestring, and sweet potato.

For the most part, french fries will usually be made using Grade A potatoes, if not specified otherwise. Most of the varieties will only have to be placed into a deep fryer or baked in the oven.

Is there any way to spend less?

Making french fries at home is such a great way to save money, plus they taste much better than the ones you can get from fast-food restaurants. You’ll only need 3 ingredients: potatoes (a bag will be plenty), frying oil, and sea salt! Mixing just these 3 ingredients together should be easy enough and shouldn’t cost more than $1 per plate of fries. You can check out one of the many recipes for french fries that you can find online.

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