The Cost of Hubcaps

Hubcap Cost

A hubcap, the round metal covering that is fitted onto the hub of the vehicle or the main part of the wheel, typically adds some value or a visual appeal to a normal vehicle, truck, or van.

Some cars and trucks, such as those with stamped steel wheels, utilize a complete wheel cover that really conceals the whole wheel. With older automobile types, the hubcap is utilized to secure the axle hubs of the automobiles from dirt, debris, and dust; otherwise, the moving parts of the wheel could be vulnerable to constant damage.

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Modern hubcaps now serve a double function: Aside from securing the lugs and the wheel hub, the newer hubcaps also work as a fashion statement.

Just how much do hubcaps cost?

Depending upon the condition, the size, brand name, the product, and where it’s bought, the typical hubcap is going to vary anywhere from $25 to $50 each. Nevertheless, higher-end hubcaps, such as those from a premium vehicle maker, can cost upwards of $100 each.

There are special kinds of hubcaps, such as spinners, that can cost $50 to $100 each.

Check out the typical hubcap cost range for popular makes and designs:

Make/Model Average Price (OEM)
Chevy Malibu $35 each
Dodge Charger $35 each
Ford Escape $75 each
Honda Civic $55 each
Hyundai Sonata $48 each
Nissan Leaf $55 each
Nissan Rogue $40 each
PT Cruiser $45 each
Toyota Corolla $55 each
Toyota Matrix $45 each
Toyota Prius $45 each
Toyota Sienna $65 each

Replica hubcaps can cost $20 only for a pack of 4. For instance, a 4 pack 15″ Toyota Corolla hubcaps will retail for $21.

The Ineedahubcap website provides a large selection of brand-new, second-hand, and reconditioned hubcaps for various types of cars. A 12-inch chrome hubcap retails for $25 while a 16-inch chrome hubcap retails for $35. The majority of their budget hubcaps are $25 to $35 each.

Hubcap summary

Typical sizes are 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″, and 17″. The large bulk of hubcaps are made from plastic material.

Hubcaps are either going to be available for sale independently or in packs of 4. They should be pretty easy to set up and you will not need any expert aid.

What are the additional expenses?

Hubcaps can be customized and specifically created for an additional fee.

If you will want to have a mechanic set up the hubcaps for you, this can cost an extra $25 to $50.

Delivering rates can be applied to purchases online. Normally, this is less than $10 to $15 per order, however, it can be waived if you satisfy the minimum order requirements.

Tips to keep in mind

There are different ways in which to set up a hubcap. With some automobiles, the hubcaps will have to be screwed onto the tire while others need the removal of the lug nuts. Some hubcaps just snap into location.

Hubcaps are primarily for appearance and provide extremely limited protection. When picking a hubcap, it is best to find a replica that carefully matches the factory brand name; nevertheless, if you will want something that is going to last as long as possible, a lot of specialists suggest that you get an OEM part.

Before purchasing a hubcap, make sure that you know the exact size of your tire. You can do this by checking the numbers that are normally embedded at the sidewall of the tire, or you can look for it in your car’s handbook. It is in fact a series of 3 numbers, the last set of which shows your tire size. Lots of sites today, nevertheless, will allow you to just input your make and model. From there, they will give you the hubcaps that ought to fit your tire.

How can you save some money?

Hubcap ExampleFactory-made hubcaps are going to cost more than their replicas. If you do not need a specific match or don’t care for the overall quality, an aftermarket hubcap will usually be more affordable.

Hubcaps that are made from plastic and other light-weight products are usually less expensive, however, the issue with this product is that it is more prone to damage from roadway debris.

It is always best to acquire your hubcaps online. By doing so, you can prevent the high dealer markup expenses and you can be guaranteed that you are getting the ideal hubcaps for your make and model. Be sure to try to find voucher codes or promos prior to buying online, especially from popular merchants.

Check out local junkyards for low-cost hubcaps. If a vehicle was part of an accident or stopped running, you might be able to get a good set of hubcaps.

Also, look on eBay for either brand-new or reconditioned hubcaps for a much lower price than some online sellers.

Setting up hubcaps is really easy to do and most will simply snap into location. If you are having a tough time installing them, check out how-to guides on the Internet to show you how it is done.

There are some tire stores that provide complimentary hubcaps (limited choices) when you acquire 4 brand-new tires. Make the most of this when you can.

Consider finding a reconditioned OEM hubcap to save approximately 20 percent of its price.

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