Car Wheel Balancing Cost

Wheel Balancing Cost

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If a car tire isn’t balanced properly, it’ll wobble and cause a vibration that will be felt by the driver as well as the passengers. Wheel balancing is basically the process of adding weights to the wheel’s rim so that the tire rotates evenly. This improves the vehicle’s steering control and traction and greatly extends the tire’s life.

Balanced tires are essential when it comes to safe and attentive driving. You may have to seek the help of an expert since the improper alignment of the tires can cause damage to the bearings, wheel assembly, and shocks. Furthermore, all four tires work together to keep the vehicle grounded and moving smoothly on the road.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that when the wheel has been properly mounted on the car’s axle, the total weight pressed on settles evenly around the car’s axle. If you’re feeling an uneven vibration while driving, even on a smooth road, it means that your tires are out of balance.

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If your steering wheel is vibrating, it most probably suggests that your vehicle’s front wheels aren’t aligned properly. The intensity of vibration should serve as a signal of when you need to get your wheels balanced. Excessive pressure will be put on specific portions of the wheel if your tires are running out of balance. You may also notice excessive wear on particular parts of a tire. If you are unable to solve this problem in time, the pounded tire is likely to go flat unannounced.

The average cost of wheel balancing or tire balancing is $40, and the actual cost usually ranges between $15 and $75. It depends on the location that you’re visiting and the warranty that has been offered.

Typical costs of wheel balancing

Wheel balancing, on average, costs $6 to $20 per wheel, while for all four wheels, the average cost is between $24 and $80. However, the fee depends on local labor rates as well as the make and model of your vehicle.

A complete wheel balancing job usually includes tire mounting and tire rotation, but there are shops that will make you pay separately for these services, so be sure to ask what’s included before committing to an auto center. Tire mounting is the process of putting the tire on the wheel, while tire rotation is changing the position of an individual wheel-and-tire. Tire rotation is done because the front tires wear down much more rapidly than the back ones.

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Some automotive centers charge separately for wheel balancing, mounting, and tire rotation, while a complete package with discounted rates is also offered. The complete package is usually around $11 for every tire and typically includes services such as mounting, new valve stem installation, rotation and balancing of wheels.

What should be included?

A typical complete wheel balancing package should include the removal of every tire and wheel, putting all the tires and wheels on a balancing device, spinning each one to ensure that the combined weight of the tire and wheel are balanced evenly on the axle, detecting any imbalance, attaching lead weight to the wheels to compensate for any imbalance, and remounting the tires and wheels on the vehicle.

Wheel balancing service is also done every time a tire is mounted or if the tire was dismounted for repair and is being remounted. Even though the tires will need to be rebalanced as they gradually wear down, this process is very slow.

Additional costs

If it is needed to make sure that the wheels are running parallel, wheel alignment may also be required, which could cost around $20-100 at a repair shop depending on the vehicle’s make and model.Wheel Balancing on Machine


You should keep an eye out for coupons because a wheel balancing service can be earned for as low as $15 with a lifetime warranty included in the package. You may also be able to get free mounting and balancing of tires if you purchase new tires. If not free of cost, you can at least get discounted rates for wheel mounting and balancing.

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Shopping for wheel balancing

Most car dealerships, tire dealers, and automotive departments perform wheel balancing. This service is usually more expensive at car dealerships than tire stores or auto repair shops.

Should the average working Joe get his car tires balanced?

Having properly balanced tires on your car is not only a matter of comfort but also a matter of safety. Having unbalanced tires, especially when you’re driving at high speeds can put your life in danger. The price of wheel balancing isn’t one to hit your budget so hard, so we encourage you to get your wheels balanced as often as possible.

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