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According to the Wikipedia site, roller skates were invented in 1743. Since then, they have gained popularity to a greater or lesser extent. In the 1880s, mass production began in the USA, it was also the period when roller skates experienced a real boom.

How much do roller skates cost? offers a wide selection of roller skates for an affordable price, that will suit any experience level and budget. For example, a pair of roller skates for children costs around $60, while an adult would have to pay around $200 for roller skates. However, the price for most roller skates varies somewhere between $50 and $220.

Also, Chicago Girl’s Adjustable Skates on Amazon start at $29 for those who want something more affordable. offers a variety of roller skate styles for every type and skill level, from simple to difficult, making it easy to find the perfect set for you. There are models for different age groups and indoors/outdoors skating types, including classic skates that cost $29.99 or top-end Derby & Speed Skate packages costing upwards of $629.

At Rollerskatenation it’s easy enough to find skates suitable for anyone’s needs whether they’re old or young, beginner or pro. Prices range anywhere between $109.99 and $729 with packages available at varying prices too.

You might be able to get a quality pair of speed skates for just $25, but the best ones cost over one thousand dollars.

The most affordable place where you can get a new pair of roller skates is one of the popular retailers like Walmart or Target, with prices starting at $25 and going up to about $50.

Factors that affect the price


Roller skates materials have evolved from the initial wooden models to high-top and low-cut boots made of a variety of different materials. Leather has long been considered the best, but nowadays modern microfiber materials are also used. It may be better than leather in terms of durability but may be more expensive.

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It is not surprising that as the price of roller skates goes up, so does their quality. It appears to be a trend for any product you buy – it seems like each higher level has better features than those below them. Skaters are often willing to pay more because they know that their purchase will last longer and serve them well in return. High-end models come with upgraded bearings and wheels which give an even smoother ride experience.

Skate bearings

In roller skates, bearings are rated by the ABEC (Anti – Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association) system 1-9. In general, the higher the rating is in this system, the faster is the speed of your rollerskates.


Skaters can choose between a single-action and double-action truck for their skates. A roller skate truck is the part of your skate that holds on to its wheels, similar to an axle in wheeled transportation vehicles like cars and bikes. Single action trucks have one cushion at 45 degrees angle while double action has two cushions positioned at 10-degree angles which makes them more responsive and enables faster turns. Most manufacturers use aluminum alloy, fiberglass, or nylon for these parts. Trucks constructed from metal are the way to go if you want a strong, lightweight piece that won’t break easily. They’re also usually more expensive than their wooden counterparts which might be another reason why they can usually be found on higher-end roller skates.

Roller skate wheels

There are two types of roller skate wheels: the narrow, artistic-type model and the wide speed type. The first ones are quick to respond, while the second type comes with more traction and stability.

What are the extra costs?

Heeled Roller SkatesRoller skating is a great way to explore the world, but you need protection if you plan on doing it. Roller skates usually come with wrist guards and knee pads (depending on your preferences), so make sure that these are part of any roller skate purchase. A typical starter set includes all this for around $40, while a more complex set that has also a helmet with moisture-wicking abilities and slide-on wrist braces costs up to $160.

If you are planning to skate at a local rink expect to pay around $5 per one session.

Whether indoor or outdoor, if your skates have been in use on a regular basis then at some point they’ll need new parts such as tires and brake pad levers. The old ones usually last anywhere from six months to one year depending on how often you skate.

Important things to consider

There are various rollers, each adapted to the type of skating you want to practice. If you want to learn various tricks with rollers in skate parks then it would be good to opt for aggressive rollers, usually with a fixed size, and with a roller with laces that do not overload your ankle very much.

On the other hand, for recreational roller skating enthusiasts, there are fitness roller skates with buckle rollers that can also be fixed or adjustable in size.

Buckle rollers hold the ankle better, tighten more easily, are more practical, and are usually used for recreation. The downside is that they can force your leg and make some bruises if they are too tight.

The rollers with laces can be tightened according to your foot and your comfort needs. They are flexible, versatile and are mainly used by professionals. A downside is that it takes a long time to put them on, and also to take them off.

Depending on your knowledge of roller skating, the dimension of the wheels is also important. The wheels for speed skating have the largest dimension, with a diameter of 3.3 – 4.3 inches. In order to be able to make various moves in skate parks, it would be good to choose the version of rollers with the smallest diameter of the wheels, respectively 1.7 – 2.3 inches. For recreational purposes, rollers with wheels with a diameter of 2.8 – 3.5 inches are perfect.

Also referring to the wheels, the material from which they are created also matters. Always opt for the rubber or the best silicone version. The silicone ones are the quietest and slide even better. The plastic ones are the noisiest and last even less time.

You can opt for the fixed-size roller version in which you choose exactly the size you usually wear or go for the adjustable roller version. This last type involves a single pair of rollers that is suitable for 3 consecutive sizes. Take for example the size 4-5. This pair of rollers are suitable for both people who normally wear 4 and those who wear 4.5 or 5.

How can I save money?

If you want to save money when buying a pair for your growing child, consider buying adjustable roller skates. This may be better than getting a new pair of skates each time they outgrow their current ones because it saves not only the hassle but also some cash in the process.

The best way to find the right roller skates for you is by comparing different models. Online shopping sites are a relatively good place to start your search, but it’s also worth checking out what local shops have in stock before settling on one decision.

It is recommended to check for coupon codes and free shipping offers on your minimum order to find out how much you can save.

You can find retailers that offer skate deals for products and items. Such stocks are usually limited in size, but they may be worth checking out if you’re looking to get the last few of your favorite roller skates.

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    The majority of roller skates cost between $30 and $350. Roller skates, on the other hand, may be purchased for as little as $19.99 and as much as $1000. Skates are also priced differently depending on the type, brand, size, and quality. If you buy your skates online, you must additionally factor in delivery costs.


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