The Cost of Telephone Poles

Telephone Pole Cost

Telephone poles, generally made from wood and used to bring telephone cables around an entire nation and even full continents if required, are frequently utilized to provide phone services to homes and businesses; nevertheless, this isn’t constantly the case. Personal purchasers frequently acquire telephone poles for different jobs, like building a fence, zip line, or even a bridge.

Just how much does a telephone pole cost?

The majority of the time, a telephone pole that needs to be replaced due to a mishap can cost anywhere from $3,000 to as much as $6,500 for the pole and setup. If the pole is damaged due to a vehicle accident and the driver has insurance, the insurance coverage company will cover the expenses based on your policy type.

Those who just want to purchase a pole will learn that the price of a single pole differs from one type to another. A common 45-foot class 3 pole, about 16 to 20-feet at the base, can cost about $150 to $700 depending upon the kind of wood and who you acquire it from.

It will, obviously, cost considerably more if you require it set up by an expert. The expense with setup and materials can cost well over $3,000 due to the needed equipment, shipping, and man-hours needed.

Check out our list below to see what a telephone pole would cost by itself without setup.

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Pole Size and Price Variety:

  • A 25-foot will cost $100 to $225.
  • A 30-foot will cost $100 to $375.
  • A 35-foot will cost $250 to $450.
  • A 40-foot will cost $350 to $575.
  • A 45-foot will cost $400 to $725.
  • A 50-foot will cost $500 to $880.
  • A 55-foot will cost $650 to $920.

KEEP IN MIND: These rates are only for the pole. They will not include set up or any shipment charges.

An online merchant that sells utility poles, offers a range that varies from $100 to as much as $700. The taller the pole is, the more you are most likely going to pay.

On one forum thread on AR15, for instance, a member stated they paid almost $1,800 for setup and the pole.

Another online forum member on a PlanetFeedback thread specified that they got a price of $3,000 after they had a car accident.

In one blog post, we stumbled upon, it was discussed that an energy company sent a bill to one driver that had an accident that damaged one of their poles, and the price was far from a small one. The repair work price, according to this post, was broken down into 3 parts: the materials ($ 1,722), the tools used ($ 2,059) and the labor, which amounted to 132.6 hours, balanced $172 per hour for their linemen, $185 per hour for the supervisor and $188 per hour for their engineer. These expenses were much greater than the market average, which triggered the driver’s insurance coverage company to argue this claim, efficiently decreasing the labor rate, all of which, wasn’t mentioned in the grand total.

Telephone pole details

Line of telephone polesWood telephone poles are typically made from pine or cedar. Shops that make telephone poles typically choose the stems from pine or cedar trees since they match the natural attributes to fulfill the engineering and style requirements in order to support telephone lines.

The basic utility pole in the United States is 40 feet; nevertheless, poles can reach as high as 120 feet.

What are some additional expenses?

As discussed above, if you require a specialist, extra setup charges can be charged, and the expenses will depend upon the difficulty of the task and the number of poles you need set up at the same time. A lot of professionals are going to charge anywhere from $500 to $2,000 to set up the pole, however, the expenses can decrease if more than one pole will need to be set up at one time. To get a quote on your specific task, think about utilizing the internet to get some local companies and their phone numbers.

Due to the size, shipment costs can be in the hundreds, depending upon the size of the pole.

If an electrical expert is required to run wires to the pole, extra costs can be charged.

Tips to remember:

Due to how telephone poles are made, they can be unsafe and toxic if they are handled too much. Cutting them can also lead to toxic substances getting out in the open air. The reason for this is that a lot of liquid preservatives that are used in the telephone pole making will be active and toxic for a very long time. They have their place in pole creation, because they guarantee the strength and durability, and are only used because the poles will stay outside, which makes them safer. If you are going to buy a telephone pole for other reasons or plan to keep it inside a closed building, make sure it is made from unattended wood.

How can I save some money?

You should try to talk to your automobile insurance company to see what might be covered in case of an accident.

Talk with your local energy supplier. They might have the ability to point you in the best direction if you want to get your own pole.

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