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Tongue splitting, also known as forking the tongue, is the procedure of splitting a person’s tongue into 2 pieces, leading to a forked appearance. It can be cut only at the pointer of the tongue or as far back as to where the tongue meets the base of the mouth.

This treatment makes the tongue look like that of a lizard or a snake.

Just how much does splitting your tongue cost?

The expense of splitting your tongue will depend upon the cosmetic surgeon you work with, where you have the treatment carried out, and your geographical area. Typically, the expenses, when everything is done and everything looks as it should, can be anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. Sadly, because this is considered a cosmetic treatment, no insurance company will cover it.

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At InfoPlasticSurgery for example, the typical expense of the tongue splitting treatment carried out by an experienced doctor can vary anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500.

Overview of the process of splitting your tongue

Generally, there are 3 ways in which you can split the tongue. The very first includes a surgery where a board-certified cosmetic surgeon utilizes a local or general anesthesia and then splits the tongue down the middle utilizing a cautery, knife, or laser. The cosmetic surgeon then stitches each of the exposed sides of the tongue. After the treatment, which will normally take 15 minutes, the patient will be prescribed discomfort medications to aid relieve the pain. The healing duration is normally within 2 weeks.

The 2nd manner in which tongue splitting is done is for those who already have a healed tongue piercing and wish to have their tongue bifurcated. The treatment is less advanced, however, it takes a great deal of time. Called the tie-off technique, this treatment includes running a floss or stitches through the piercing and then binding them tighter and tighter till the tongue splits open. This can take some time and is generally pretty painful, depending upon how tight you want the thread to be.

The 3rd technique of tongue splitting is called scalping. The bloodiest way to get the tongue splitting, as it requires cutting the tongue using a blade and then cauterizing it while it is being divided.

The treatments, despite which approach a cosmetic surgeon utilizes, will be done at either an outpatient center or a health center.

What are the additional expenses?

Aftercare products are typically required throughout the recovery process. Following the treatment, the patient is usually required to carry out the right oral treatments as this helps to guarantee that there is no threat of getting an infection. This can consist of washing the mouth with an oral solution. You will also have to take prescription antibiotics to prevent infection and discomfort medication to stay comfortable.

Tips to keep in mind

Tongue SplittingBefore going through tongue splitting, make certain that you have completely considered the benefits and drawbacks. Although the splitting can be reversed through a fixing procedure, it can cost as much as $2,500, and there is the possibility of nerve damage, reduced tongue usage, and scarring.

After the treatment, make certain you will only eat soft foods like yogurt and soups to aid the tongue throughout the recovery process.

Your speech will be slurred for the very first couple of days after the procedure. As soon as the tongue heals, you might have to learn how to say a few of the words with your new tongue. It is possible to get a small lisp after getting your tongue split.

Suturing the tongue is rather popular with tongue splitting lovers due to the more typical rounded appearance it gets after the treatment.

Tongue splitting is typically accepted and considered legal; so there shouldn’t be a problem anywhere around the US with getting this type of treatment.

Since your tongue is made from different muscles, it is possible to manage each side of the split tongue separately. This will take some practice, however.

How can you save some money?

Tongue splitting is a significant body adjustment and is normally costly due to the fragile treatment needed. Professionals recommend that individuals who wish to have their tongue split need to rather save up for the treatment and avoid going for services that are offered with discounts and not done by qualified cosmetic surgeons.

Do not concentrate on the cost. Some local piercers can split your tongue, however, never consider this alternative as they aren’t trained, medical physicians. In fact, some states prohibit those who do not have medical accreditation from performing this procedure.

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