TooJay’s is an American restaurant chain and bakery based in Florida, United States. It is a mix of a home-cooking restaurant, a Jewish deli, a bakery, and a diner. Their clients range from a group of friends who simply meet to hang out to several golfers after a game or people who have informal business meetings over a meal. Sometimes there may also be tourists, but most clients are American.

People choose to come here for an authentic deli experience. TooJay’s menu includes traditional breakfast items, entrees, bakery goods, and sandwiches. Also, they offer holiday menus for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.

In the table below you will find the latest TooJay’s menu prices, so you can get an idea about how much you should budget for your own deli experience.

Item Price

Popular Items

Nova Latkes $9.71

Breakfast Scramble Wraps

Served with home fries
TooJay’s Scramble Wrap $10.33

Breakfast Sandwiches

Served with home fries
Avocado Breakfast BLT $14.08
Egg Sandwich $9.71
Egg, Avocado, Spinach and Swiss Sandwich $11.14
Veggie Scramble Wrap $10.72

Morning Specials – Breakfast

Breakfast Combo Platter $14.59
California Fruit Salad $11.48
Chicken & Waffles $13.59
French Toast $9.73
Waffle Sliders $11.74


Fried Dill Pickles $7.29

Soups & Starters

Chicken Noodle Soup $5.23
Crock French Onion $9.57
Loaded Latkes $14.18
Matzo Ball Soup $5.74
Mini Potato Pancakes $8.86
Stuffed Cabbage $12.85
TooJay’s Famous Knish $6.06
Crock of French Onion Soup $7.23

Omelettes & Eggs – Breakfast

Served with your choice of toast or bagel and our famous home fries, grits, oatmeal, or fresh fruit unless otherwise noted. For any egg entrée, substitute egg beaters or egg whites add. 99.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs $12.87
Create Your Own Omelette $12.8
Deli Benedict $15.23
Nova Salmon Benedict $17.64
TooJay’s Benedict $13.59


Beef Brisket Dip $17.42
Chicken Caesar Wrap $13.56
Cup of Soup and Half Hand Sliced or Salad Sandwich $14.86
Hot Corned Beef $16.39
Hot Pastrami $16.39
Nova on a Bagel $17.26
Rachel $17.6
Reuben $17.6
T.J.’s Trio Platter $17.55
TooJay’s Classic $16.7
Triple J $16.7
Turkey Avocado $17.56
Turkey Breast $15.76

Deli Sandwiches

Beef Brisket Sandwich $13.96
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $12.18
Hummus Wrap $11.34
Liverwurst Sandwich $11.24
Roast Beef Sandwich $13.19
Roasted Vegetable Wrap $11.12
Tongue Sandwich $16.51

Deli Classics From The Kitchen

Served with French fries, Cole slaw and a dill pickle.

Turkey Reuben $14.9

Deli Classics From The Deli

Served with Cole Slaw and a dill pickle.

Combo Deli Platter $14.82

Eric Greenspan’s Grilled Cheeses

EGGC – Buffalo Blue $19.84
EGGC – Lox of Love $26.45
EGGC – The Good and Proper $19.84
EGGC – The Med $19.84
EGGC – The Patty Melt $21.16

Fish Platter

Smoked Fish Combo Platter $18.92
Smoked Whitefish Platter $16.34

Á La Carte

Bagel with Cream Cheese $3.63
Bowl Of Grits $3.51
Bowl of Oatmeal $4.66
Cheese Blintz $5.81
Danish $4.61
Muffin $4.5
Smokehouse Bacon $4.66

Deli Salads

Chopped Chicken Liver Platter $11.49
Chopped Chicken Liver Sandwich $9.73
Dill Chicken Salad Platter $11.49
Dill Chicken Salad Sandwich $11.49
Egg Salad Platter $10.25
Egg Salad Sandwich $10.25
Stuffed Tomato $12.36
T.J.‘S Trio Salad Platter $13.97
Traditional Chicken Salad Platter $11.49
Traditional Chicken Salad Sandwich $11.49
Tuna Salad Platter $12.89
Tuna Salad Sandwich $12.89

Hand Tossed Salads

TooJay’s Cobb Salad $16.7
TooJay’s Chopped Salad $16.7
Strawberry Citrus Salad $14.69
Greek Salad $14.65
Crispy Chicken Salad $15.57
Chicken Caesar Salad $15.59

Choose Too

Cup Of Soup + Café-Sized Hand Tossed Salad $12.64
Cup Of Soup + Half Hand Sliced or Salad Sandwich $11.67
Cup Of Soup + House or Caesar Salad $9.42
Cup Of Soup + Scoop Of Deli Salad $11.67
Half Hand Sliced or Salad Sandwich + House or Caesar Salad $10.52

Kid’s Breakfast Menu

Kid’s Chocolate Milk $2.1
Kid’s Fountain Beverage $1.92
Kid’s Lemonade $1.92
Kid’s Milk $2.09

Hot Handhelds

Served with French fries, Cole slaw and a dill pickle.

Avocado BLT $15.54
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato $9.97
Beef Patty Melt $15.69
Buffalo Chicken Tenders $14.32
Build Your Own Burger $15.88
Classic BLT $13.89
Deli Dogs $12.77
Fish and Chips $15.78
Grilled Cheese $12.16
Open Faced Tuna Melt $17.04
Open Faced Turkey Melt $17.01

Classic Comforts

All dinners come with our famous Artisan rye and your choice of house salad, Caesar salad, cup of Matzo Ball or Chicken Noodle Soup. Upgrade to French Onion for .99. Upgrade the vegetable to Roasted Brussels Sprouts Medley for 1.49.

Baked Atlantic Salmon with Dill Sauce $23.83
Beef Brisket Platter $23.44
Black and Bleu Chopped Sirloin Bowl $18.85
Broiled Cod $18.57
Cheese Blintzes $11.53
Chicken Capri $22.75
Chicken Tenders $15.28
Everything Salmon $24.6
Fish & Chips Dinner $18.93
Grilled Chopped Sirloin $21.19
Liver and Onions $19.15
Nova Salmon Platter $22.14
Stuffed Cabbage Dinner $23.98
TooJay’s Shepherd’s Pie $18.54
Traditional Turkey Dinner $21.14

Burgers And Chicken

Black Bean Patty Melt $12.79
Build Your Own Beef Burger $12.18
Build Your Own Black Bean Burger $12.18
Build Your Own Grilled Chicken Sandwich $12.18
Build Your Own Turkey Burger $12.18
Burger á la TooJay’s $14.28
Chicken á la TooJay’s $14.28
Chipotle Bacon Burger $14.28
Pastrami Burger $16.49
Patty Melt $12.64
Turkey Burger Patty Melt $12.64


3 Mini Black & Whites $2.84
Banana Dream $7.9
Brownie $5.01
Carrot Cake $7.75
Cheesecake with Strawberries $8.38
Chocolate Layer Cake $7.75
Combo Dessert For Too $13.42
Combo Dessert for Two $17.25
Key Lime Pie $5.82
Killer Cake Slice $7.76
Plain Cheesecake Slice $7.58
Rice Pudding $4.4
Tollhouse Square $5.01

Kid’s Menu

Cheeseburger $6.46
Chicken Salad Chop Chop $6.46
Deli Dog $5.23
Dippin’ Chicken’ $6.46
Hamburger $6.46
Jr. Tuna Melt $6.46
Mac n’ Cheese $6.46

Deli Bundles

Deli – Stock the Fridge Bundle $211.6
Deli Breakfast Bundle for 4 $92.58
Deli Lunch Bundle for 4 $79.35

Over the Counter

BAGELS 12 $17.01
BAGELS 6 $10.73
Challah Loaf $5.75
Cole Slaw Half Pound $3.77
Corned Beef Half Pound $12.44
Dill Chicken Salad Half Pound $9.38
Egg Salad Half Pound $7.05
Fruit Salad Half Pound $7.35
Pastrami Half Pound $12.44
Potato Salad Half Pound $3.77
Rye Half Loaf $5.92
Traditional Chicken Salad Half Pound $9.43
Tuna Salad Half Pound $9.99
Turkey Half Pound $9.9

Canned Beverages

Diet Pepsi $2.29
Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry $3.44
Dr. Brown’s Celray $3.44
Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda $3.44
Dr. Brown’s Diet Black Cherry $3.44
Dr. Brown’s Diet Cream Soda $3.44
Dr. Brown’s Ginger Ale $3.44
Dr. Brown’s Root Beer $3.44
Pepsi $2.29

All Day Beverages

Bottled Water $3.97
Canned Soda $3.31
Fountain Soda $3.73
Fresh Brewed Coffee $4.14
Iced Tea $3.97
Toojay’s Water $3.58


Arnold Palmer $3.8
Cranberry Juice – Pint $3.44
Egg Cream $3.44
Florida Orange Juice $3.44
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $3.34
Grapefruit Juice – Pint $3.44
Lemonade $3.34
Martinelli’s Apple Juice $3.44
Milk $3.3
Peach Tea $3.78
Strawberry Lemonade $3.82
TooJay’s Bottled Water $2.5

Side Items

Beer Battered Onion Rings $8.77
Small caesar salad $6.9
Small Fries $5.24
Small house salad $6.9
Sweet Potato Fries $6.72

Brand history

The story of TooJay’s starts back in the spring of 1981 with Mark Jay Katzenberg and Jay Brown. They opened a small New York-style delicatessen store on the Island of Palm Beach, Florida. The name of their restaurant, TooJay’s Gourmet Deli, was inspired by the common part of both of their names.

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One year later, in 1982, they opened a second location in Palm Beach Garden, and in the summer of 1984 was opened a third restaurant in Lake Worth.

Currently, there are 20 TooJay’s locations across Florida, in 17 cities including  Orlando, Boca Raton, The Villages, Stuart, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Plantation, Jupiter, Lake Mary, and Altamonte Springs, to name a few.

TooJay’s received many awards over time, including two Foodie Awards for Best Deli and Best Take-Out from the Orlando Sentinel.

Our review

Toojay's Menu ItemsTooJay’s portions are very large even by American standards. For instance, a Breakfast combo includes a very large plate with eggs, bacon, sausages, and others, plus another large plate piled high with waffles. Also, all the omelet dishes are served along with a choice of oatmeal, grits, home fries, and toast.

Plan on spending around $9 for an omelet and $7 to $19 for an egg specialty dish. Some of these would include the TooJay’s Benedict, T.J.’s Ultimate Omelette, Lite Scramble Wrap, Breakfast Potato Skins, Meat Lovers Skillet, Steak and Eggs, and Depp-Dish Ham & Cheese Quiche. The homemade muffins, Danish, and bagels are priced at around $3.5 each.

As for lunch, some of the customers’ favorites include Chicken Noodle soup and the French Onion soup smothered with cheese, which are absolutely delicious.

Sandwiches are also very appreciated. One of the favorites is the Triple J., which is made with Swiss cheese, corn beef, turkey, and roast beef. Another one is the Ultimate Brisket, which is a mix of onions, Braised Brisket, horseradish sauce, and melted cheese on top of it. A great thing about the TooJay’s sandwiches is that most of these are served with French fries.

You should not miss the entrees from TooJay’s, especially the Salmon Fillet and Stuffed Cabbage, but also the steak dishes.

Your meal wouldn’t be complete without a dessert. If you love chocolate, you should try the Banana Dream or the Killer Cake.

The staff is very friendly and courteous. Though, you may have to wait a little longer for your order. But it will be worth the wait as the food is always delicious.

TooJay’s FAQs

At what time does TooJay’s open?

Most TooJay’s stores open at 08:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. Though, it may vary from one location to another, so you should visit the company’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does TooJay’s close?

In general, TooJay’s units close at 09:00 p.m. every day. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week.

Who owns TooJay’s?

TooJay’s is currently owned by the asset management company Monroe Capital.

Why is it called TooJay’s?

The name of the restaurant comes from its founders’ names Mark Jay Katzenberg and Jay Brown.

How many TooJay’s locations are there?

There are twenty TooJay’s restaurants located all over Florida, United States.

When was TooJay’s founded?

TooJay’s was founded in 1981, in Palm Beach, Florida. This business was born out of the passion for creating classic flavors and recipes of an authentic deli served with unreproachable hospitality and a lot of love.

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