How Much Does a Union League Membership Cost?

Last Updated on October 26, 2023
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The Union League of Philadelphia is a nationwide organization that was founded in 1863 to support Abraham Lincoln’s policies. In other words, they wanted America and its governing bodies run by those who have implemented freedom for all, rather than slavery or oppression.

Nowadays, the club is a private social gathering space with more than three thousand members. Here they come to socialize and dine with each other while also getting some exercise during their leisure time or taking part in special events that are hosted by the membership team.

How Much Does a Union League Membership Cost?

The cost of a Union League membership varies from $7,500 to $1,000 for the initiation cost, with annual dues of $1,000 up to $5,000. These fees enable access to the exclusive amenities and privileges offered by each respective location as there is the Union League Club of Philadelphia, the Union League Club of New York City, and the Union League Club of Chicago.

If you want to become a member of the Union League you will need letters of recommendation from six sponsors and go through an interview with the Admissions Committee, which has meetings every first Tuesday of the month. The annual membership dues are presented in the table below as they are written on the official website of the private club. As you will notice, these greatly depend on the type of membership.

Membership Category Annual fee Initiation Unlimited Golf Initiation
Clerical $1,050 ($91/mo) – Tier 1: $600
– Tier 2: $25
Armed Services $2,365 ($205/mo) – Tier 1: $1,800
– Tier 2: $50
Junior (21-24 years old) $1,385 ($120/mo) – Tier 1: $1,000
– Tier 2: $25
$1,800 $1,200
Junior (25-29 years old) $2,380 ($200/mo) – Tier 1: $2,000
– Tier 2: $50
$2,400 $1,500
Intermediate (30-34 years old) $3,228 ($285/mo) – Tier 1: $3,000
– Tier 2: $75
$3,000 $1,800
Intermediate (35-39 years old) $4,154 ($360/mo) – Tier 1: $4,000
– Tier 2: $75
$3,600 $2,100
Active $4,730 ($410/mo) – Tier 1: $5,000
– Tier 2: $100
$4,000 $2,400

Note: You should take the information offered in this table just as an estimate even though it comes from the official website of this private social club because it is subject to change. If you want to find out the official pricing it is recommended to contact the official membership department of the club directly.

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For the Tier 1 initiation fee, the club’s member will have to pay upon the first monthly statement, while the Junior membership will be paid after four months. For the Tier 2 initiation fee, the current member will have to pay every month for over 36 months, but he has the possibility to get it back if he proposes a prospective member.

Union League Club details

Union League at NightAccording to the official website of the club, members have a lot of benefits. The clubhouse includes a wide variety of dining options such as the chef’s tasting kitchen, multiple dining options like fine dining or buffet, wine cellar, and drinks at the bar pub style.

Also, the Union League Golf Club offers overnight accommodation to its members, a luxury suite at Wells Fargo Arena, 15 unique private dining rooms, and a smoking room. For those going there with work in mind, there are two business centers, co-working spaces, and an executive fitness center. Members can take part in the social events organized by the club, enjoy an affinity club or have their own events planned there.

If you pay some additional fees you will have access to more than 170 reciprocal clubs and a membership at the Union Golf Club from Torresdale. This club is located 12 miles away from the Union League Club and offers its members an 18-hole Donal Ross golf course, indoor golf, tennis courts, athletic facilities, and a swimming pool, plus many dining options the members can choose from.

Membership to the club provides reciprocal privileges at other Union League Clubs, allowing them to access amenities and facilities at different club locations.

Members often have access to social and educational programs, such as lectures, historical presentations, and even exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago.

What are the extra costs?

If you are a Junior or Active member you will have to pay a mandatory fee of around $130 for food and beverages every four months.

Members can take advantage of the onsite services but for an extra fee. The services that they have to pay for include massage therapy, a public notary, a barber, a concierge, shoeshine, and a library.

Dress Code and Dining Options

According to the Club Leaders Forum, the Union League Club is a top 50 of the most respected clubs in the United States.

The club has more than 3,000 members, according to the Philly Mag website.

When it comes to dining options, the Union League City Club offers a diverse selection to cater to different occasions and preferences. The Main Dining Room provides a formal setting for breakfast and lunch, with dinner reservations required. For a more relaxed dining experience, the Bistro is available for both lunch and dinner, without the need for reservations. The Racquet Room opens for weekday lunches, while private dining rooms are perfect for hosting smaller functions and meetings. Additionally, members can savor al fresco dining in the Rooftop Garden during the appropriate season.

The club has a strict dress code that the members have to respect. For example, during the weekdays, until Friday at 4:00 p.m. men have to wear jackets and the women an appropriate equivalent dress. Notably, denim, t-shirts, shorts, and athletic shoes are prohibited in all areas of the club, except for the fitness center.

Throughout these dining venues, the dress code reflects country club-level formality, ensuring that proper attire is upheld and enforced to maintain the club’s refined atmosphere. Make sure you learn about this before going to the club, by visiting their official website.

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