How Much Does a UPS PO Box Cost?

Last Updated on May 7, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

For those seeking more secure and reliable mail and package receipt compared to home delivery, needing professional address services, or simply desiring added privacy over publicly searchable home addresses, renting a UPS Store PO Box provides numerous advantages over basic USPS Post Office box rentals. But what exactly are the full rental rates, fees, and ongoing costs associated with UPS private mailboxes?

UPS PO Box rental costs typically range from $15 per month on the low end for small boxes up to $30+ monthly for larger premium mailboxes, based primarily on box physical size, specific location, and any upgraded service options selected.

This guide provides an in-depth examination of UPS PO Box pricing, size options, service add-ons, fee considerations, and comparisons with USPS post office boxes to help readers make an informed decision when exploring enhanced mailbox privacy, security, and convenience.

How Much Does a UPS PO Box Cost?

The monthly or annual UPS mailbox fees vary primarily based on the physical dimensions and interior volume of the secured box rented:

  • Small UPS Boxes with dimensions of approximately 3 inches x 5 inches provide the lowest cost rentals, typically ranging from $15 to $20 per month. Small boxes accommodate envelopes, magazines, and smaller shipped items. This space suffices for most low-volume residential users.
  • Medium UPS Boxes about 5 inches x 8 inches in size represent the middle-tier box dimensions and the most commonly rented. Look for pricing to span from $20 to $25 per month for medium UPS PO Boxes, providing ample room for small packages and additional mail volume beyond the basic smalls.
  • Large UPS Boxes measuring approximately 8 inches x 11 inches offer the maximum interior space. But with this larger capacity comes higher rental pricing in the range of $25 to $30+ per month. Large boxes handle bulkier mail items like catalogs and sizable package deliveries while giving business owners capacity to grow. Access 24 hours mailbox cost might go up to $40 per month.

CoolParcel provides information on the cost of a PO Box at UPS, stating that prices generally range from $10 to $40 per month. The cost of a UPS PO Box can vary depending on the location and size of the box.

They recommend that you check with the local UPS store for specific pricing information. The website highlights that additional fees may apply for services like mail forwarding, package receiving, and access to the box outside of regular business hours.

The takeaway remains that larger physical UPS Box dimensions allow fitting more mail volume and bigger shipped packages inside, but consequently also equate to higher monthly or annual rental costs. Smaller mailboxes provide cheaper options for private individuals only needing to accommodate small envelopes and periodicals.

Overview of UPS PO Boxes

UPS Store retail locations offer secure private mailbox rentals with an array of advantageous features versus traditional basic USPS post office boxes. These UPS PO Box amenities include:

  • Providing each box a real physical street address rather than PO Box number for a more professional business address.
  • Accepting packages and mail from all carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Amazon. USPS PO Boxes can only accept USPS deliveries.
  • Offering email and text message delivery notifications whenever mail or packages arrive in the box.
  • Extended access hours evenings and weekends at UPS Stores versus limited post office hours.
  • Mail and package holding, consolidation, and conditional forwarding services available.
  • On-site document shredding for private disposal of sensitive materials.
  • Access to on-site notary services for legal document certification.

Factors That Influence UPS PO Box Pricing

Beyond just the physical mailbox dimensions, several additional factors influence UPS Store PO Box rental costs:

Box Location Region – Major Metro vs. Smaller Towns and Suburbs

Mailboxes in major downtown urban areas or expensive metro regions with higher costs of living will generally cost 10% to 20% more than the same box in a small town setting or suburban neighborhood, similar to most brick-and-mortar retail services.

Box Size – Small, Medium, or Large

As detailed earlier, the larger the interior physical dimensions of the UPS mailbox rented, the higher the associated monthly or annual rental fees to accommodate greater mail volume.

Supplementary Service Upgrades

Optional add-on services like pre-scheduled mail forwarding to multiple addresses, delivery digital notifications, or enhanced package handling when traveling can add incremental usage fees that increase total costs above the base rental rate.

Lease Rental Terms – Month-to-Month vs. Annual

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UPS Store locations frequently offer small discounts of 5% to 10% off total rental costs for customers willing to pre-pay upfront for a full 12-month annual PO Box lease versus paying month-to-month with 30 days notice. This incentivizes longer commitments while saving regular users a small sum.

UPS Store PO Box vs USPS Post Office Boxes

In comparing basic USPS post office box rentals to UPS Store private mailboxes, the two offerings provide secure mail and package receipt, but UPS PO Box locations deliver significant advantages:

Expanded Access Hours

UPS Store PO Boxes allow access evenings, early mornings, and weekends based on retail location hours versus more limited daytime-only post office hours. 24 hour access available at Staffed locations.

Physical Street Addresses

UPS provides real physical street addresses for each secured mailbox versus USPS boxes limited to use of PO Box numbers. This gives UPS renters a more professional address option.

All Carriers Accepted

UPS Stores accept deliveries from all major carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Amazon. USPS PO Boxes can only accept items shipped via USPS.

Additional Services Available

Complementary offerings like package handling/forwarding, document shredding, and notary services available on-site at UPS Store locations create added utility.

The enhanced features and flexibility make the moderately higher UPS PO Box pricing of $15-$30 per month worthwhile options for many over USPS post office box costs of just $5 to $15 monthly but with fewer amenities.

UPS PO Box Sizes and Services

UPS MailboxWhen selecting the perfect UPS Store mailbox setup for your residential or business needs, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Carefully select the minimum box size required to comfortably handle your realistically anticipated mail and package volume to save on unnecessary rental fees long-term. You can always conveniently resize your box later if mail flow expands.
  • If frequently traveling or needing mail forwarded to multiple addresses per your schedule, add premium forwarding and delivery notification services to maximize convenience and security.
  • For cost-conscious residential users, opt for the smallest inexpensive box to fulfill basic privacy and mail holding needs, upgrading only if expanded capacity becomes truly necessary.
  • For business owners, lean toward renting generously sized boxes with room for growth over time and to accommodate increased document volume during tax seasons or transaction spikes to avoid constantly resizing.

Taking time to match your projected mailbox usage needs with the appropriate physical dimensions and any useful service upgrades ensures an optimized value relative to rental costs.

Why Rent a UPS PO Box?

Beyond just the core benefit of securely receiving mail and packages privately away from home, UPS Store mailbox rentals provide a number of additional advantages adding convenience, flexibility, and legitimacy for residential and professional business users alike:

  • Increased Personal and Business Privacy having a neutral mailing address away from your home or office location provides added safety, discretion, and identity protection.
  • Expanded Access Convenience through UPS Store hours covering early mornings, evenings, weekends, and even 24/7 access at select Staffed locations matched to your schedule.
  • Reliable Package Receiving Security protects deliveries against theft and provides receipt verification.
  • Professional Business Address for commercial mailbox renters needing a proper office suite address for clients.
  • Comprehensive Mail Handling Services like pre-scheduled forwarding to multiple addresses, text/email delivery notifications, and consolidation stops mail build-up during travel.

For users focused on privacy, securely receiving valuable package deliveries, maintaining a professional business facade, or desiring added mail management flexibility beyond home delivery, the range of UPS PO Box rental benefits often merit the reasonable ongoing investment.

Final Words

Compared to traditional basic USPS post office box rentals, UPS Store PO Boxes cost moderately more at $15 to $30 per month depending on size. But renters receive real street addresses, vastly expanded evening and weekend access convenience, total mail and package acceptance from all carriers, plus an array of professional mail handling services available on-site – advantages that make the higher pricing worthwhile to many over USPS boxes limited to first class mail.

For users focused on privacy, reliably securing all package deliveries, maintaining professional addresses, and desiring flexible mail management capabilities, UPS PO Boxes can cost-effectively enhance mail control, convenience, and discretion over home delivery.

Just be certain to closely account for all service and usage fees when budgeting total mailbox costs to avoid surprises down the road. With the right sizing and options, a UPS PO Box can prove a prudent ongoing investment for residential privacy lovers and business owners/professionals alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a UPS mailbox the same as a P.O. Box?

No, UPS Store private mailbox rentals and USPS post office PO Boxes represent two distinct services. USPS PO Boxes involve basic mail holding at secured post office locations during business hours.

UPS PO Boxes are rented through retail UPS Store franchise locations with expanded hours, additional on-site services, real street addresses, and acceptance of all carrier deliveries.

Is there an alternative to a P.O. Box?

Yes, for many residential and professional business customers, leasing an independently secured mailbox from a UPS Store retail location can provide sizable advantages over a basic USPS PO Box.

The UPS PO Box option offers extended 24/7 access at Staffed locations, evening and weekend availability, true physical street addresses, acceptance of packages from all major carriers, and optional add-on services – all at a reasonable premium over USPS PO Box rental rates.

Is it OK to use PO Box as address?

Absolutely. Renting and using a PO Box from either the USPS or private mailbox providers such as The UPS Store is perfectly legal and acceptable in the United States as your primary personal or business mailing address for all purposes and correspondence if you prefer the privacy, security, and convenience it provides over using your home or office’s physical street address. Many people and companies proudly rent PO Boxes as their preferred communication method.

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