Wrist Watch Crystal Cost

Watch Crystal Replacement Cost

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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The watch crystal is the glass that covers the front of the watch and is really essential for a bunch of different reasons.

As a first reason, this crystal is a protective shield for the inner functions of the watch from getting damaged in any way. The glass is also utilized to aid you to see clearly; if it ends up being scratched or unclean, it will be pretty difficult to see the hands of the watch, making it tough to read the time.

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While the watch face can be made from a strong plastic, crystal (glass) is the most typical type of material used.

A watch crystal should be changed when it looks scratched, broken, or worn off due to time.

Just how much does a watch crystal replacement cost?

The expense for watch crystal replacement is based upon the brand name, the kind of crystal being changed, its size, and repair work needed. Typically, the costs can vary anywhere from just $25 for an acrylic crystal to as much as or even more than $125 for a sapphire crystal from a higher-end producer.

With numerous watch brand names readily available, we looked at what watch owners were spending for their top quality watch crystal replacement and made the table below:

Watch Brand and Repair Quote

  • Citizen – $85 (also included pressure check and brand-new gaskets)
  • Fossil – $27
  • Michael Kors – $70
  • Movado – $65
  • Seiko – $60
  • Skagen – $34
KEEP IN MIND: These are estimates that were obtained from third-party jewelry experts.
Long’s Jewelers suggests budgeting $30 for an acrylic to more than $150 for a replacement sapphire crystal from a Swiss maker.

Watch Gnome, an online watch repair service, will charge $50 for a crystal, and this cost applies to the majority of significant brand names.

Elements that have an impact on the final price

The type of crystal

Watch crystals can be made from plastic, mineral-glass, or sapphire-glass. Plastic is the least expensive of all, however, as you can probably understand, it can quickly become damaged or get scratched. Mineral glass, much like the glass utilized for windows, is a much better alternative when compared to plastic; nevertheless, sapphire-glass is much better in regards to toughness, however, it costs the most out of the 3. Typical kinds of glass for watches will be flat, domed, flat round, pyramid mineral, plastic, and domed sapphire.

The shape of the crystal

Watch crystals are typically round in shape, however, some might be square or rectangle-shaped. Some, while uncommon, can be made in an irregular shape, making it pretty hard to get a replacement part. If this is the case, a brand-new crystal might need to be personalized, increasing the final expense.

The size of the crystal

Much like a diamond on a ring, watch crystals can be available in numerous sizes too. The bigger the crystal is, the more pricey it is going to be.

What are the additional expenses?

Watch Crystal ReplacementThroughout the repair work, if the jewelry expert sees any parts that will also need changing, they might recommend the repair work at the time of the replacement. This might consist of replacing the battery, changing the dial, replacing the hands, adding a brand-new strap, and/or upgrading the watch itself. These repairs could be as low as a couple of dollars to more than a couple of hundred for a total upgrade.

Sending the watch to a jewelry expert or the maker can add extra shipping fees.

How can you save some money?

If the watch is still under warranty and the crystal will have to be changed due to a flaw, talk with the maker to see if you’re covered.
If you do not mind doing the repair work yourself, think about purchasing the parts online. On eBay, for instance, replacement crystals can be as cheap as $5. Remember that if you were to fix it by yourself, you will more than likely lose your warranty.

Bring your watch to the original jewelry expert to see if they can provide any consumer discount rates.

Just like for any other service, you should always try to get at the very least 3 to 5 quotes. The majority of jewelry experts can provide a quote over the phone.

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