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Hershey Country Club Membership Cost

Hershey Country Club Membership Cost

The Hershey Country Club, located in Pennsylvania and founded by Milton S. Hershey himself in 1930, has hosted some of the most prestigious golf tournaments over time including a PGA Championship from 1940 as well as many events on behalf of women’s competitive golf like their LPGA Lady Keystone Open for almost 20 years.

How much does a Hershey Country Club membership cost?

Full membership at the Hershey Country Club will usually cost around $12,000 in initiation fees and $350 in monthly expenses, according to what we could gather while doing our research. You will also have to consider a food and beverage minimum of at least $300 per quarter.

You should use this as an estimate because the actual prices might vary slightly. The fees can be considerably lower for the recreation, social, tennis, and non-resident categories. According to club officials themselves, current members can get a free membership for their children and grandchildren.

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One article found in the Central Penn Business Journal is noting that an Alliance member can pay $90 to $150 monthly, depending on their age.

Membership options

Hershey Country ClubGolf – The family membership is a great way for golfers to spend quality time with their kids. They get access not only to all the golf courses, but also a fitness center, clubhouse, tennis facilities, and swimming pools – perfect if you’re looking for something fun with the family. If you don’t have who to share the membership with, then there is the individual membership, where only the person on file will get access to all of the above, but pay less, of course.

Heritage is a special membership opportunity that allows current members to invite one of the immediate family members of their choice to join for no initiation fees.

Club Society – this is an exclusive membership option tailored to those who are anywhere from 21 to 39 years of age. It allows members the same privileges as the traditional subscription, but with less of an initiation cost and lower monthly dues.

Corporate membership provides those who work for the same company with a unique opportunity to enjoy exclusive perks. Once one person pays an initiation fee, up to five other employees in that organization will be granted access.

There are also a few other membership packages, including tennis, non-resident, social, and recreation.

Hershey Country Club membership details

The club offers a variety of golf courses to choose from, including the East Course and West Course for those looking for something less challenging. For more skilled players, Spring Creek is available- at 9 holes it’s one of the longest in the area. Additionally, The Club has its own pro shop where you can find all your necessary gear. You will also be able to take advantage of the driving range, golf instruction, club fittings, golf schools, group clinics, and lessons.

The Golf Club offers more than just amazing courses with fast-paced play; they also offer an area of 43,000 square feet which includes a clubhouse, locker room facilities as well as other recreational amenities like swimming pools and meeting venues where guests may enjoy getting together for both private parties or large events alike.

Any additional expenses to consider?

Golf lessons can be customized to suit anyone’s needs, skill level, or age. Private instructors are available for an additional fee and instruction pricing starts at $35 and can reach $80 per half-hour lesson.

Guests that don’t have any type of membership will also be charged a green fee.

If you’re interested in attending a special event throughout the year, then these might have their own cost as well.

Is there any way to save some money?

If you are the lucky child or grandchild of a current member, then you won’t have to pay an initiation fee to join the club. If you are interested, then you should contact the membership department for information on all that’s required to join the club.

The Hershey Country Club offers a Member Referral Certificate Program with incentives. One can refer prospective members and receive savings worth up to $6,000 if they are accepted into the club. The referring member also gets rewarded for their efforts too – receiving anywhere from $150 to $1,500 in referral reward.

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