How Much do Nipple Piercings Cost?

Most people consider nipple piercings an extreme form of body modification. This process involves having a piece of metal pierced through the small flap raised off the surface of one of the breasts, either the left one or the right one.

How Much do Nipple Piercings Cost?

The average cost of nipple piercing in the United States is somewhere between $80 and $100, although the final bill will depend on factors like where you’re having your piercing done, the type and size of the jewelry, as well as the professional doing the job.

An article in Glamour talked about the most popular types of nipple piercing. According to them, the vertical piercing holds the number one place. It will go straight through the middle of the nipple, from bottom to top. This type of piercing is priced at about $65.

The average cost of nipple piercing in Australia, based on our research, is somewhere between $90 and $120 AUD.

When it comes to the UK, the average cost of nipple piercing is closer to £40 based on multiple sources.

Let’s go over each of the factors that affect the price of nipple piercing and see why they are important.

Factors influencing the cost of a nipple piercing

Professional versus at-home piercing

A big part of the cost of a nipple piercing can be saved by having it done at home rather than going to a professional. It’s obvious that you will spend more to have the same piercing done if you have a pierced do it for you rather than doing it yourself. This is because professional piercers undergo specialized training and have the necessary equipment to do a safe and correct piercing.

Size of the jewelry

A big part of the cost of a nipple piercing will represent the size of the jewelry you plan to wear on your piercing. For example, larger pieces of jewelry will cost a lot more to make, so they will be more expensive to buy. they will also be more expensive to have installed.

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The good news is that most people, especially while having their first piercings, will go for smaller pieces of jewelry for their nipple piercing, as they won’t cause a lot of discomfort and will be less visible under clothes. But if you’re into extreme modifications and want to get a larger piece of jewelry, be prepared to spend more both on the material and on the work needed for the installation.

Type of jewelry

Nipple piercings, or titty piercings what many people call them, can be coupled with a lot of different types of jewelry. Their cost will depend on factors like the material of the jewelry, as well as its style.

Barbells are among the most common types of jewelry that people like to get in nipple piercings. These are made of a single straight metal rod that is inserted into two pieces of jewelry for the nipple piercing.

You can pick one of the many styles of barbells, having the option to choose between crystals, diamonds, gemstones, and more. Some people also like to design a custom jewelry piece that match their personality and overall fashion style.

Styling and modifications

You will also notice an increase in the cost of a nipple piercing if you were to want to style it in a way that goes above the basic offered services or if you want it to be styled in a certain way. For example, you will have to pay more for each piercing if you will want to change your jewelry faster than the standard period of 6 to 8 weeks.

Location and positioning of the piercing

Nipple Piercings GemsThe cost will also differ depending on the location in which you want to get your nipple pierced as well as the positioning of the piercing. For example, it will be cheaper to get a vertical piercing than a horizontal one, because less work will be involved in installing the jewelry.

Nipples come in many different types and shapes. This means that the process of piercing can also be easier or more difficult, which will affect the cost as well.  This can make the piercing process more difficult, and as a result, it can be more expensive.

Experience of the piercer

Another important factor that will also affect the cost will be the experience of the piercer. Someone just starting out in this industry might not have big prices as an experienced piercer would, as they didn’t have enough time to learn how to do piercings in a safe and correct way.

Keep in mind that a although using someone less experienced can help you cut down the price, their work might cause more harm than good and you might be forced to have the job redone by a professional, or worse, you might end up with an infection if the piercer doesn’t know how to properly disinfect their tools.

Aftercare products

When you consider the cost of a nipple piercing, you should also consider the expenses related to aftercare products that you will have to use. It is always better to use creams or ointments that help heal the piercing and prevent infection. These products aren’t a must and they will add to the final cost of the piercing, but we strongly advise you use whatever you have to, to make sure you have a healthy experience.

Underlying conditions

If you have cancer, breast infection, or any other underlying condition that would affect your nipples, the cost of the piercing can be higher, if you can have one at all. This is on top of the fact that you will probably need additional procedures and tests to ensure the safety of the piercing process. Before you get any type of piercing, it might be a good idea to talk to a doctor, to make sure you get the right idea of what it will involve and its possible costs.

Additional Services Like Getting Tattoos

If you were to also get a tattoo along with your nipple piercing, the cost will surely be higher, as this will take more work. At the same time, getting them on separate occasions might cost more than getting them in a promotional package.

Nipple Piercing Aftercare Costs


To make sure you keep the pierced area healthy, it heals fast enough and you prevent infection, it is always vital to ensure proper aftercare. This means gently washing your nipple piercing periodically, using the recommended products. You should also try to avoid touching or playing with your piercing because this often leads to complications.


A great antiseptic is a peroxide. It can be used to clean your piercing. You can find several over-the-counter solutions in most pharmacies that have this ingredient and you should use any of them twice a day to prevent infection. To apply it, all you have to do is soak a cotton ball in peroxide and just rub it to your piercing for about five minutes.

Saltwater solution

A great natural antiseptic, if you’re not really into meds, is saltwater. This can also be used to clean your piercing and help it heal faster. This solution is made pretty easily. You just mix 8 ounces of warm water with a teaspoon of salt. To apply it, you follow the same steps as with Peroxide. You soak a cotton ball in the mixture and just gently rub it to the nipple piercing for about five minutes, twice per day. This should be done for eight weeks or so.

Final words

Nipple piercings look really nice, but they also have a cost that you shouldn’t ignore. It will depend on several factors, like the jewelry you choose, the experience of the piercer, as well as the aftercare route you choose. Expect a price between $80 and $100 for a nipple piercing if you live in the us.

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