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How Much do Corsages Cost?

Last Updated on January 17, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

A prom corsage serves as the perfect floral accessory for your big night. While guys get boutonnieres, girls traditionally wear corsages on their wrists or dresses to complement their looks. When planning for prom, one of the important details is the budget for your prom corsage. But how much should you expect to spend?

In this guide, we’ll break down the average cost of prom corsages and all the factors that influence the price. Read on for tips to get the perfect corsage while sticking to your budget!

How Much Do Corsages Cost?

In general, plan on budgeting $15 to $60 or more for a prom corsage. The price depends on the types of flowers, complexity of the arrangement, extras like ribbons and embellishments, and where you purchase it.

Most prom-goers spend $30 to $50 on a corsage. Simple single-flower options start around $15 to $25, while elaborate floral sprays with exotic blooms run $40 to $60+.

When setting your corsage budget, weigh the importance against other prom costs. Allocating $50 or more for your corsage means less available for your dress, tickets, or dinner. Shop smart to find the right balance.

WeddingWire reports a range of $8 to $40 for wrist corsages, with specific examples of $15 and $30 per corsage.

Safeway Flowers lists a wrist corsage for $94.99.

The Flower Alley offers various wrist corsages ranging from $20 to $65, with some priced at $50.

Below we’ll explore all the factors influencing corsage costs and how to save.

Factors That Impact Corsage Costs

What makes one corsage $25 and another $60? Here are the main factors that influence the price:

Types of Flowers

The specific blooms you choose directly impact the cost.

Carnations are most budget-friendly at $15 to $25. Rose corsages offer classic style for a moderate $35 to $50. Orchid corsages and tropical flowers command the highest prices from $40 to $60+.

Opt for exotic flowers only if the splurge fits your budget. Otherwise, choose roses, carnations, or lilies to save.

Arrangement Size and Complexity

Larger, more elaborate corsages and boutonnieres with more blooms, accents, and embellishments cost more than simple single-flower options.

A beautiful floral spray corsage with orchids, lilies, roses, and greens will run $40 to $60. A vintage rosebud corsage can cost as little as $20.

Think about your style – a full spray suits a formal gown, while a timeless rosebud works with a sleek dress.

Accents and Embellishments

From beaded sprays to glittering butterflies, added accents elevate a corsage’s visual appeal. But extras come at a price.

A simple orchid stem with ribbon is $40. Add pearls, beads, feathers, or charms and it becomes $60+.

Keeping embellishments minimal saves money without sacrificing style. Focus on the flower as the star.


Popular red, white, pink, or pastel blooms don’t add cost. But rare flower colors like blue roses or black orchids raise prices higher.

Stick to traditional shades like pale pink, white, red, purple, or peach to save.


Online corsage retailers offer lower prices for the convenience of ordering from home. Local florists provide personalized service and design at a premium.

Visiting the florist allows you to see options and negotiate if needed. But expect to pay $10 to $20 more than online prices.

Consider cost along with service when picking the right corsage retailer.

How to Save on Prom Corsage Costs

Here are some tips to get a gorgeous corsage within your budget:

Select Budget-Friendly  Prom Flowers

Carnations, daisies, lilies, and mini gerbera daisies provide beautiful blooms for less than roses.

Go for a single-stem flower in a classic color like white, pink, or red to keep costs down.

Choose Simple Over Elaborate

A single-flower wrist corsage with minimal embellishments costs far less than an intricate spray of exotic blooms. Remember, simple can still be elegant!

Skip Special Extras

You might also like our articles about the cost of a boutonniere, suit, or prom dress alteration.

Fancy beads, butterflies, glitter, or designer ribbons quickly raise the price. Allow the flower to be the star instead.

Order Early for the Best Deal

Shop at least two weeks in advance for the best selection at lower prices. Last-minute rush order premiums can apply.

Buy Online to Save

Online retailers pass significant savings onto customers by avoiding brick-and-mortar costs. Order 1-2 weeks ahead to allow for shipping.

Ask Local Florists About Deals

Florists may offer prom or bulk order discounts, especially if you order early. Never hurts to kindly request a lower price.

DIY as a Last Resort

Making your own corsage seems like an affordable option but achieving quality results requires practice. At least purchase the flowers professionally.

With smart choices, you can find a gorgeous prom corsage within your budget.

Additional Corsage Costs to Budget For

Keep in mind a few small additional expenses that may come up:

  • Delivery Fees – Online flower delivery averages $10-$15. Pick up locally to avoid fees.
  • Wristlet – Budget $5-$10 to add a ribbon wristlet if your corsage doesn’t include one.
  • Sales Tax – Most florists add local sales tax to the purchase price.
  • Tip – Add 15-20% tip for full-service local florists. Optional for online orders.

Factor any small add-ons into your total budget so no surprise costs ruin prom!

When Should You Order Your Wedding or Prom Corsage?

To ensure you get the best deal on your dream corsage, order early!

Shop at least 1-2 weeks before prom for the:

  • Best selection of flowers
  • Lower prices
  • Avoidance of rush order fees
  • Time for delivery/pickup

Ordering just a few days before prom limits choices, risks inventory selling out, and adds stress.

Online retailers often ship 1-2 days before prom to arrive fresh. When ordering online, check shipping times and order at least one week ahead.

How Should You Care for Your Corsage?

Once you’ve ordered your perfect prom corsage, take steps to care for it and make it last all night:

  • Store the unopened delivery box in the refrigerator until ready to wear.
  • Transport the corsage to prom in a portable cooler or floral box.
  • Keep the corsage in a cool place out of direct sun before pinning it on.
  • Mist the blooms lightly with water if needed for freshness.
  • Avoid smooshing your wrist corsage and damaging delicate flowers as you dance!

With proper care, your corsage will stay breathtaking from pre-prom photos to the final dance.

Where to Buy Your Prom Corsage

You have a few options when it comes to purchasing a prom corsage:

Local Florist Shop

Visiting a floral shop in person allows you to:

  • View flowers and ribbon choices up close
  • Customize your corsage style
  • Support a local small business
  • Ensure gentle handling for transport home

But visiting a florist last minute can be stressful. Make an appointment to allow time for design. Expect to pay more for the personalized service – $40 and up.

Online Corsage Retailers

Corsage on HandOrdering online offers:

  • Browse anytime, anywhere
  • Lower costs – $15 to $30
  • Convenient shipping to your door
  • Huge selection of blooms

The drawback is not seeing the exact flowers in advance. Read reviews carefully before choosing an online seller.

DIY Corsage

Making your own corsage seems affordable but achieving quality results requires practice. At least buy the flowers professionally.

Consider cost, convenience and confidence in the seller when choosing local vs. online.

Corsage Ideas for Different Prom Dress Styles

Match your corsage to your prom dress style with these ideas:

For sleek satin gowns:

  • Single rosebud wrist corsage
  • Simple calla lily boutonniere
  • Pearl accent wristlet corsage

For chiffon or lace dresses:

  • Delicate orchid stem corsage
  • Spray rose floral arrangement
  • Greenery and ribbon wrist corsage

For bright or printed gowns:

  • Colorful gerbera daisy corsage
  • Contrasting bloom like deep red rose
  • Coordinating solid ribbon wristlet

For black dresses:

  • Black flower like orchid or rose
  • Metallic gold or silver accents
  • Bold crimson red corsage

Match your dress personality – sleek, romantic, or bold.

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