The beauty treatments market is booming, but not all products feature positive results or have an affordable price. Here are some products, that, for one reason or another, got our attention. Expect to find all kinds of articles with products and treatments that either cost too much or are very cheap, with tips on how to get them cheaper and what to expect in terms of results.

Milia Removal Cost

Milia Removal Cost

Milia are small, yellow, or white cysts that appear isolated or in clusters, usually on the face. They are also popularly called 'fat spots'. They are often found even in newborns and can affect people of any age. Milia is not a type of acne,…
Excess Skin Removal Cost
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Skin Removal Surgery Cost

Massive weight loss as a result of bariatric surgery or through diet and exercise is an important achievement: overall health improves, perception of one's body and life in general, changes, and new personal or social possibilities may arise. However,…
Massage Envy Services Cost

How much does Massage Envy cost?

Massage Envy is a nationwide wellness massage franchise that offers massage and skin care services in over 1,200 locations all over the country. They were founded in 2002 by two sisters, who saw an opportunity to make things better for people…
LaserAway Cost

How Much Does LaserAway Cost?

LaserAway is a company with more than 40 locations in California, New York, and other states. They were founded back in 2006, having just one location at Rancho Mirage which now operates as their headquarters for operations around the world. This…
Sebaceous Cyst Removal Cost
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How Much Does Sebaceous Cyst Removal Cost?

Skin tumor formations and their treatment have been a real health problem with the alarming increase in incidence in recent decades. Prolonged sun exposure, genetic inheritance, unhealthy eating, and stress are considered some of the most important…
Keloid Removal Cost
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How Much Does Keloid Removal Cost?

Keloids are fibrotic overgrowths of scar tissue that occur at the site of cutaneous injury and can cause significant cosmetic and physical concerns. But what type of costs should you expect for having disfiguring keloids removed professionally? This…
Claire s Ear Piercing Cost

Claire’s Ear Piercing Cost – Claire’s Rates to Have Your Ears Pierced

Claire’s says they are the world's leading ear piercing specialists, and with more than 100 million ears pierced by them since 1978, it is hard to disagree. They have been in the piercing ears business for over thirty years and continue to…
Acrylic Nails Cost

How Much do Acrylic Nails Cost? – Fake Nails Rates

Getting your nails done is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself. Pedicures, manicures, and fake nail applications are all common procedures at most salons; it's up to you which type of treatment will best suit your needs. Fake nails are…
Toothpaste Cost

How Much Does Toothpaste Cost?

As an essential self-care and hygiene product used routinely at least twice per day by most people, toothpaste is a household staple that can carry a surprising price range depending on the specific brand, formula, retailer, and tube size selected. With…
Helix Piercing Cost
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How Much Does a Helix Piercing Cost?

A helix piercing is one of the most popular ear piercings. But like any body modification, there are costs involved that go beyond just the initial piercing procedure. In this article, we’ll break down the average price range for a helix,…
Tongue Splitting Cost
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How Much Does Tongue Splitting Cost?

Discover the costs and factors influencing tongue splitting, an extreme body modification procedure. Find out how to choose a qualified professional.
BrightOcular Surgery Cost
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How Much Does Brightocular Surgery Cost?

Brightocular surgery is an elective, specialized cosmetic procedure that aims to permanently transform an individual’s natural eye color through surgical implantation of an artificial, custom-designed colored iris. As an emerging niche…