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Lumosity Subscription Cost

Lumosity Cost

It's 2020 already and many people already know what the world wide known game creation company Lumosity is. However, if you're one of the few that hasn't heard of this company, you should know that the people behind Lumosity are based in San…
Microsoft HoloLens Cost

How Much Does Microsoft HoloLens Cost?

Microsoft Hololens stands at the forefront of augmented reality technology, with its ability to overlay holograms onto the real world. But this innovative device also comes at a hefty price point. This article will provide an in-depth look…
Cicret Bracelet Cost

Cicret Bracelet Cost

We have updated this article with new information, so be sure to check the end part of the article before rushing to the official website to order a Cicret Bracelet. The Cicret bracelet is a concept thought to replace phones and tablets very…
Lily Drone Cost

LILY Drone Cost

We have added an update to this article, so be sure to read the ending of the article, before rushing to order this gadget. Lily is an exciting hybrid between an aerial drone and an action camera. Action cameras and aerial drones, affordable…
Apple Watch Cost

How Much Does an Apple Watch Cost?

The Apple Watch has quickly become one of the most popular smartwatches on the market. With its sleek design, health and fitness tracking capabilities, connectivity features, and integration with the Apple ecosystem, it appeals to a wide range…
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Cost of The Most Expensive Gadgets

Although most people expect the technology to revolutionize our world and to ease their work, the wealthy people want the devices they use to have as many features as possible. There are only a few millionaires known for their eccentricities…
How much does a promoted tweet cost

How Much Does a Promoted Tweet Cost?

Are you considering advertising on Twitter to promote your business, product, or service? With over 300 million active monthly users, Twitter, now X, offers an immense audience. But how much do Twitter ads cost? In this article, we'll explore…
Glasses Free 3D TV Cost

Glasses-free 3D TV Cost

If you want to keep your home theater experience up to date with the latest technology, don`t even think about getting a new 3D TV. At least not right now. Dolly has partnered up with Phillips and CPG to create a brand new stereo 3D TV for home,…
Google Glass Cost

The Real Price Of Google Glasses

Google Glass is, as you may very well know, a wearable high-tech pair of spectacles that can help you connect to the internet. You can easily record videos, take pictures, run apps, and display information with their help, and they can respond…