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How Much Do Facebook Likes Cost?

cost per like

Many people, when talking about Facebook advertising, end up asking themselves what is the real cost of a single like, althought this isn`t a term agreed by Facebook. But what exactly does this mean? The cost per Like is the actual price for acquiring a new fan for your Facebook page, either from earned media […]


How Much Do Promoted Tweets Cost?

twitter tweets cost

Regardless of what websites you like to browse, if you know a little about social media from your personal experience, then you surely have seen all of the ads and postings from all of the feeds and search results. Many small business and startup owners ask themselves this question: “How Much Do Promoted Tweets Cost […]


How Much For The Glasses-free 3D TV?


If you want to keep your home-theater experience up to date with the latest technology, don`t even think about getting a new 3D TV. At least not right now. Dolly has partnered up with Phillips and CPG to create the brand new stereo 3D TV for home that doesn’t need glasses. The new 3D format […]


What is The Real Price Of Google Glasses?


Google Glass is, as you may very well know, a wearable high-tech pair of spectacles that can help you connect to the internet. You can easily record videos, take pictures, run apps and display information with their help, and they can respond to voice commands. Google has picked the best time to go further into […]