Typical costs for your wedding. What should you expect ?

Yale Club Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Yale Club Wedding Cost?

The Yale Club in New York City is one of the most exclusive and elegant wedding venues in Manhattan. As a private club affiliated with Yale University, it offers unmatched prestige and luxury for couples looking to host a one-of-a-kind wedding…
Dodgers Stadium Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Dodger Stadium Wedding Cost?

If you're a diehard Los Angeles Dodgers fan, you may have dreamed of holding your wedding or reception at the iconic Dodger Stadium. Is this really possible? Stadium weddings are usually very expensive. This guide breaks down Dodger Stadium…
La Venta Inn Cost

La Venta Inn Wedding Cost

You can find La Venta Inn just outside of Los Angeles California, in the hills above the Palos Verdes Peninsula. It is among the more affordable wedding venue options you can find in Southern California. Its very beautiful restored Spanish villa,…
Dry Ice Cost

How Much Does Dry Ice Cost?

Dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, has become an increasingly popular tool for cooling, freezing, and preservation applications. But how much does this specialty ice actually cost? This article will break down the key factors influencing…
Laurita Winery Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Laurita Winery Wedding Cost?

Nestled among lush vineyards in New Egypt, New Jersey, Laurita Winery is a dream location for couples seeking an elegant, rustic winery wedding. With spectacular vineyard views, gourmet dining, and a wealth of amenities, Laurita Winery provides…
Jericho Terrace Wedding Cost

Jericho Terrace Wedding Cost

Jericho Terrace, situated in Mineola, New York, is known to be Long Island's premier wedding event and occasion venue and is perfect for those looking for a smooth, elegant and memorable wedding event. According to the location, its offering…
Mar a Lago Wedding Cost
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How Much Does a Mar-a-Lago Wedding Cost?

As one of the most opulent estates in Florida, Mar-a-Lago provides an unparalleled backdrop for weddings and events. The resort owned by former President Donald Trump offers old-world glamour and modern amenities alike. If you want an exclusive…
Davids Bridal Alteration Cost

David’s Bridal Alteration Cost

You will most likely need an wedding dress alteration if you want to look perfect for your dream wedding. And this will usually be an additional cost to consider, regardless of whether you're going to a local seamstress or a professional bridal…
Boutonniere Cost
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How Much Does a Boutonniere Cost?

Boutonnieres are usually worn by men and are a type of floral decoration that is made of just one bud or flower. Boutonnieres are part of the formal wear and are usually kept for special occasions, being very common at homecoming dances, funerals,…
Wedding Draping Cost

How Much Does Draping for a Wedding Cost?

Wedding drapery is used to transform a plain space into the most enchanting venue, with the help of large white drapes or curtains that are placed and hung in different ways all around the wedding location. But how much does wedding draping…
Corsage Cost
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How Much do Corsages Cost?

A prom corsage serves as the perfect floral accessory for your big night. While guys get boutonnieres, girls traditionally wear corsages on their wrists or dresses to complement their looks. When planning for prom, one of the important details…
Roloff Farm Wedding Cost

How Much Does Roloff Farm Wedding Venue Cost?

Roloff Farms has long been one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Helvetia, Oregon. The charming farm setting and connection to the famous Roloff family on "Little People, Big World" draws couples from around the country. But with…