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Corsage Cost
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How Much do Corsages Cost?

Corsages are accessories that can be fixed to a clothing piece or worn on the wrist and are made of a small group of flowers in a beautiful design. Although most people associate corsages with wedding events, they are also worn for occasions…
Balayage Cost and Procedure
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The Cost of Balayage

What is Balayage, How Should You Pronounce It, and Just how much Does It Cost? If you are searching for a brand-new way to change your hair this year and are tired of your single color hair or your highlights that you have kept for several…
Price of Hermes Scarf

Hermes Scarf Cost

Ballpark Quote: $30 to $375 for a brand-new silk scarf. If you follow fashion and style and value great clothing, you're most likely extremely familiar with the widely known Hermès brand. This distinguished design house can be found in Paris…
Cornrow Braid Price
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How Much do Cornrows Cost?

Cornrows are a type of hairstyle that is considered a traditional African hairstyle, called by most people braids. While many people confuse cornrows with the style of box braids, the two hairstyles are not the same. Cornrows are those types…
Vampire fang implants cost
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Real Vampire Fang Implants Cost

Considering that fang implants come with no other benefits than a change in looks, people will usually get them for aesthetic reasons. They can be either irreversible or replaceable and movable and will usually be fitted over your original teeth. People…
Santa Hat and Coat Price

Santa Costume Cost

Christmas is known as the festival of families. Life has become so busy these days that we don't have enough time to spend with our loved ones. We are so caught up in worldly matters that we have lost sight of what actually should hold importance.…
Nose Piercing Price
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Nose Piercing Cost

After ears and navels, noses are the next most common places to get pierced. Most piercings of the nose are performed through the side of one of the nostrils. Although rare, there are people that want to pierce the cartilage separating the nostrils,…
Ugg Boots Price

Cost of Ugg Boots

Wear your UGG boots this winter, despite what people say about them. Yes, they are among the most controversial fashion issues, but this shouldn’t stop you because fashion is changing all the time and it is very important to wear what you…
Wedding Dress Cost
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How Much Does a Wedding Dress Cost?

The perfect wedding dress represents, for brides, the ultimate search for that outfit that will valorize their body and personality on the wedding day. However, around the right wedding dress revolve many factors like time, budget, prejudices,…
Eyelash Extensions Cost
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How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

An attribute that provides pleasure to the senses is beauty. To look good and feel good is the definition of beauty, right? It is in our nature as women to want to look beautiful and extravagant. Models and celebrities have always been the benchmark…
most expensive watches
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Cost of The Most Expensive Watches

It is said that "time means money", but for the luxury watch buyers’, you can apply the opposite saying, “money means time". With 700,000 dollars, some people would buy a spacious luxury car, while others buy a watch. If you feel like…
2014 fall ankle boots
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Perfect Fall Ankle Boots Cost

If there's one thing a woman really needs to have in her wardrobe at the beginning of fall, it’s a great pair of boots. Whether you choose models with fur, laces, or wedges, it is essential to have them and find as many combinations of clothing…